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PC Pro No.287 - September 2018

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when it comes to vr, seeing is believing

I SUSPECT MY review of the HTC Vive Pro, from p48, is going to annoy people. In it, I bestow a PC Pro Recommended award upon a piece of hardware that costs £800 – even more if you don’t already own the sensors and controllers from the original HTC Vive. Oh, and it needs a high-end computer costing around £1,500 to work at its best. Let’s call it a £2,500 total investment and be done with it. Aside from the cost, there’s the sheer awkwardness of having to wear a silly visor that’s attached to your computer with bulky wires. Plus, those annoyed people will ask, isn’t this an out-and-out gaming system? Surely it has no place in the sober environs of PC Pro? (Hopefully those same people won’t notice that…

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Max Figgett Love classical music? Max explores the argument that, rather than killing off classical music, digital technologies are giving it a new lease of life. See p36 Jonathan Parkyn If you’re fed up of fielding calls from friends and family asking for help with their virus-ridden PCs, turn to p40 for Jonathan’s five bomb-proof solutions Dick Pountain Dick wants to save the world one phone at a time. His solution? Don’t buy the latest and greatest when last year’s model does the same job. See p26 Simon Handby Over the years, Simon has put hundreds of printers to the test. We challenged him to find the best for home and small office use. Read his verdict from p74…

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developers want to cut google out of android

PRIVACY AND COMPETITION concerns could lead to a new strain of Android that cuts Google out of its own OS. Growing concerns over data collection and a perceived lack of choice provides an opportunity for a mobile platform that isn’t controlled by a major tech giant, according to the head of Project eelo, a rival Android-based platform. Project eelo would be an Android fork that eliminates all Google services and data collection. There are plans to launch a test version and unveil its open-source repository to a wider team of developers in August, with backers receiving pre-loaded handsets in October. “There are growing issues and concerns over user’s data privacy and these are becoming geopolitical issues,” Gaël Duval, eelo founder, told PC Pro. “You should be able to use a phone without giving…

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five stories not to miss

1 Facebook’s data divulging goes on Facebook’s data-sharing woes continue after it was revealed that the company had provided special access to several companies long after it claimed to have blocked third-parties from grabbing personal data. A Wall Street Journal report revealed Facebook had a whitelist of select companies that could read personal data about a user’s friends, while the company had also shared additional data with 60 device makers. 2 Damaging EU copyright rules creep closer MEPs voted to push through changes to European copyright laws that could have damaging consequences for the web. Critics claim Article 13 would stop people sharing content such as memes, as it would first have to be checked against a database of copyrighted content. 3 Google launches standalone podcast player Google has launched its own standalone podcast service…

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▶ Asus ZenBook S The premium ultraportable laptop market is congested, but Asus is hoping its ZenBook S (UX391) can stand out from the crowd. The 13.3in ZenBook S combines 1kg portability with a rugged build, impressive specs and a creative design feature intended to make data input easier. The ZenBook S has passed tests in a variety of hostile environments to reach the military MIL-STD-810G standard, yet the standout feature remains a bizarre hinge that elevates the keyboard by 5.5 degrees. This has several benefits, according to Asus, the first being that the angle is easier for typing. Lifting the keyboard also delivers clearer sound and improved cooling. The ZenBook S takes in cool air through the extra space beneath the keyboard and expels warm air through the hinge, which combined with…

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microsoft to join apple’s intel exodus?

APPLE MIGHT NOT be the only company set to jettison Intel’s processors. Microsoft has ported Windows 10 to its own chip architecture, giving Intel’s shareholders cause to be very nervous indeed. Microsoft has been working on a processor architecture – E2 – for several years, but the project is receiving fresh attention with reports claiming the company has managed to port both Windows 10 and Linux onto the processors. While the chips might not be destined to appear in PCs, they could play a role in a wide Windows ecosystem, experts said. “Microsoft has experience designing processors for specific applications, such as the SoCs for the Xbox,” said Shane Rau, research vice president for computing semiconductors at research firm IDC. “The E2 experiment suggests that Microsoft is researching what would be an ideal…