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PC & Tech Authority January 2017

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all of the sites

In this end of year issue of PC & Tech Authority we’ve compiled a list of sites we think are the most important and influential. Of course it will be contentious and no doubt you may be wondering why we chose the sites we did, or why we did not include sites you may regard as worthy. That’s absolutely to be expected. As the list was being compiled, and discussions flared, I thought more and more about the early days of the web, and how it’s led us to where we are today. Perhaps in the future we should do a story about the most influential sites of the early days... It all struck me with a moment of profound understanding when I read a comment by someone it’s fair to assume…

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SCHEDULE THIS Our PCs are been brought to a standstill because of tasks and services that are automatically downloaded without permission and done incessantly to update and collect information. Computers can be frozen for as much as ten minutes or more while endless scheduling of what can be often noncritical operations are carried out. Hard discs, CPU’s, ram, and cache can be completely swamped by scheduled tasks that have not been approved by the user or administrator. The wear and tear on CPU’s is enormous and computer users should not be surprised if their computers go dead in no time, requiring replacement parts or a new computer. Many of these updating and service programs are nosy and collect all sorts of information that users are not aware of and have not approved.…

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take note: the battery crisis isn’t over

The latest trends and products in the world of technology Samsung has sent its Note 7 phablet to landfill after failing to solve its overheating battery problems, but an industry expert has told PC & Tech Authority that the crisis is far from extinguished. Samsung was forced to recall and replace millions of devices following reports of several Galaxy Note 7 handsets catching fire. Recurring faults with replacement devices forced Samsung to eventually cease production of the Note 7, costing the company billions of pounds and incalculable damage to its reputation. But the PR disaster is unlikely to be the last in an industry that’s pushing battery technology to the limits. “I think there is a temptation for battery manufacturers... with phone manufacturers, to get the energy density up. The temptation is to…

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pax australia 2016 after-show report

Gaming is serious business It looks like you can now safely assume that PAX Australia is always going to be bigger and better each year that it runs. The celebration of gaming, geek culture, and the hardware they love just had its fourth outing, and it was a ringing success. From big-name keynote talker Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb of Microsoft’s Xbox business, to the smallest, most intimate of panels, PAX once again had everything. We were there, though we tend to see PAX as less about being a show to cover – like E3 or CES – but one the whole industry can be a part of. After all, this is a show that has a strict “journalists can’t cut in” policy for the many long lines of people waiting to get…

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PENTIUM ANNIVERSARY LEGACY? The Pentium Anniversary Edition CPU, or as the other catchy title it goes by, the G3258, was a standout CPU for Intel. Intel wanted to celebrate its heritage in overclocking (typically done with cheap CPUs back in the day) and took a commercial chance by offering a product that is about as cheap as they come yet allowed you to clock the socks off it! With a 3.2GHz clock speed and just two unthreaded cores, people were getting 1.0GHz even 1.5GHz overclocks out those puppies easily. With widespread acclaim, Intel seemed to hit the nail on the head with the G3258. The thing is, it said that depending on how sale went would determine if it might consider offering such a product again in the future. Two years and two architecture refreshes…

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RX 470D THE CARD YOU CAN’T HAVE AMD has launched a new graphics card to fend off the advances of the GTX 1050 Ti which has found a nice wedge in between the RX 460 and 470. However, you won’t be able to buy it anywhere, unless you shop in China, because that is where it is being exclusively sold. Selling for roughly AU$40 cheaper than a fully-fledged RX 470, the 470D is a cut down version, sporting just 1792 shader cores, 1/8th less than the standard 470’s 2048. Meaning the 470D has 8 CUs disabled instead of the 470’s usual four missing CU’s. To make up for this cut in shader count AMD have ramped up the clock speeds a fraction, resulting in a 1266MHz boost speed on the GPU core (+60MHz…