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People August 6, 2018

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‘It’s sweet. I’d rather he be jealous than completely fine with it.’—AMANDA SEYFRIED, on her husband’s reaction to her starring in the Mamma Mia! sequel with real-life ex Dominic Cooper, to The Mirror ‘Wakanda forever, but where’s my money?’—DENZEL WASHINGTON, who helped fund Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman’s college acting scholarship, on The Late Show ‘We'd go out on the streets of New York and it would be like, “Meg! Meg!” And I have to admit: I actually did feel like I disappeared.’ —DENNIS QUAID, on how ex-wife Meg Ryan’s increasing fame strained their marriage, on Megyn Kelly Today ‘Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.’ —JENNIFER LOPEZ, offering dating advice, on Tinder’s Swipe Sessions ‘I’ve had experiences with men, even while I was dating the woman who became my…

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5 things we’re talking about!

1/ An acrobatic couple fall on America’s Got Talent. During married duo Mary and Tyce’s acrobatic performance, he slipped up and sent her plummeting to a safety mat. They moved on to the next round—but no word if he’s sleeping on the couch. 2/ Brad and Leo were almost in Brokeback Mountain. Gus Van Sant, who at one time planned to direct the film, said he asked Pitt and DiCaprio to play the leads, but we assume they did not complete each other. 3/ A baby’s hair goes viral. Get this kid a Pantene ad! Adorable Japanese baby girl @Baby chanco now has over 90,000 Instagram followers, thanks to her impressively voluminous head of hair. 4/ Timothée Chalamet is a work of art. Call him by his new name: Art Meme! Instagram account @chalametinart inserts the actor’s…

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melissa leo

How’s your summer going? I took my dog Buddy, popped him in my car, and we took a long, slow drive from Los Angeles to my home in the Catskills in New York. My dog is my entire life. My son, John, is 31 now, and he doesn’t come home as often; that’s why I got the dog. Where is your son these days? He’s over in Germany completing a very serious course at a fine-arts college in Frankfurt. I’m looking forward to seeing him a little later this summer. Were you always game for an Equalizer sequel? It was an idea we just tossed around, so I was surprised but very delighted they included my character, Susan, in it. You won an Emmy for Louie and a SAG Award and an Oscar for The Fighter.…

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‘whitney was a troubled soul—truly talented but troubled’

For July 23, 2018 Whitney Houston It always troubled me how Whitney had so many issues. But when I read the story about her being molested as a child, it all made sense. All of it. After the concerts were over, the applause ended, the love ended . . . all she had were her memories and herself. Rhonda B. Milwaukee It’s a shame that all this is coming out now. Whitney is dead. We should let her rest in peace. Mauri C. via people.com Anastasia Psaltopoulos Thank you for the article “Why I Helped My Mother Die.” I applaud Anastasia Psaltopoulos for her brave choice to share her story about her mother’s request for euthanasia. I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I respect the love she had for her mother and the decision she made. Melissa C. Scarsdale,…

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thai team never lost hope

The Thai soccer players who captivated the world during the 18 days they spent trapped in a flooded cave ( People, July 23, 2018) finally spoke about their ordeal at a July 18 press conference in Chiang Rai, Thailand. “It really is a miracle,” said Wild Boars team member Adul Sam-on, 14, about their harrowing rescue. The group, sporting fresh haircuts after a week in the hospital and another 6.6 lbs., on average, since being freed from the cave, talked about how they never lost hope during their ordeal and the debt they owe to their rescuers—including Thai Navy SEAL diver Saman Kunan, who died during the operation. “We thank him from the bottom of our hearts,” said one of the youngest athletes. FROM TOP: DIRCK HALSTEAD/TIME & LIFE PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES;…

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star tracks

ROYALS STEP OUT! London, June 17 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spent the morning learning about the legacy of Nelson Mandela at the opening of an exhibition celebrating the centenary of his birth. The couple met friends and family of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who died in 2013. WEEKEND WEDDING BLISS! PUSHA T & VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Virginia Beach, Va., July 21 The rapper, 41, tied the knot at the historic Cavalier Hotel in front of close friends, including Daytona collaborator Kanye West, Kim Kardashian West and Pharrell Williams. BETH BEHRS & MICHAEL GLADIS Victor, Idaho, July 21 The 2 Broke Girls star, 32, and Mad Men actor, 40, said “I do” outside Jackson Hole, Wyo., Martha Stewart Weddings announced. After the rustic wedding, guests took home jars of honey from the newlyweds’ own beehive. TANK & ZENA FOSTER Los Angeles,…