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Photoshop Creative No. 167

Photoshop® Creative is the perfect magazine for learning more about Adobe’s outstanding application. Each issue is packed with inspirational tutorials covering the whole scope of the software, from creative projects, to practical guides to using tools and techniques. Whatever you use Photoshop for, Photoshop creative will help you become a better digital artist. Please note: Digital versions of the magazines do not include the covermount items or supplements that you would find on printed editions.

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As so many of us have a decent digital camera on our phone, our ambition and desire to shoot, edit and share high-quality media while on the go is higher than ever. And that includes being able to edit and manipulate photos and even create digital art on our mobile devices. That’s why our big feature this month is all about mobile artworking. From smartphone photography tips and guides on how to make your selfies look their best, to creating your own digital illustrations, we cover everything you can do on the go, which is quite a lot. In addition, we have expert tutorials on how to master text-mask portraits, vintage posters and create stunning 3D-style artworks. Also, make sure to check out our expert, insightful interviews and beautiful galleries. We hope…

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Wall you need Use these wall textures as overlays or in photomanipulations. Capture the flags Access these ten national flags to use in your projects. Angles ahoy! Download these geometric textures for digital art projects. On the FileSilo this issue… • 100 Geometric textures • 10 GrutBrushes • 75 Retouching actions • 30 Wall backgrounds • A total of 215 premium resources plus all our tutorial files Log in to www.filesilo.co.uk/photoshopcreative Register to get instant access to this pack of must-have resources, videos and tutorial assets The home of great downloads – exclusive to your favourite magazines from Future Publishing Secure and safe online access, from anywhere Free access for every reader, print and digital Download only the files you want, when you want All your gifts, from all your issues, in one place Get started Everything you need to know about accessing your FileSilo account 01 Follow the instructions on…

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readers’ challenge

We challenged you... In Issue 165, we challenged you to get creative with the set theme of Music. You were allowed to create whatever you wanted, so long as it incorporated the theme somehow. Alison Koller Tribute Gibson This was an isometric composition that replicated each part of the guitar in a landscape. The speedboats along the neck created lines similar to guitar strings, and the island in the middle is in the same position as the guitar’s scratch plate. This issue’s challenge... Think you can do better? Prove it! Next issue, the theme is Darkness. We don’t mind how you incorporate it into your image, just be as creative as you possibly can! Head to www.photoshop creative.co.uk and simply hit the Challenge link. Closing date: 19/7/18. THE PRIZE… Escape Motions Rebelle 3 If you’re a digital artist, you won’t…

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trending images

There’s nothing more inspiring than surfing the internet and seeing what other artists are creating, and we encourage you to do so. Here are some of our favourite pictures that caught our attention recently, from some of the world’s most exciting artists and designers. Slava Semeniuta www.instagram.com/thisset/ I was very inspired by the snow slopes and I took about 15 pictures on a digital camera that I borrowed from a friend. I really love bright colours so using a graphics tablet and a combination of overlay filters in Photoshop, I achieved a steep colour solution. Pham Quang Phuc www.behance.net/phamquangphuc Photoshop helps me to transform my imagination to my illustration easily. I just used the Lasso Tool and some of my favourite brushes. I think when you understand your art, you don’t need many tools to make…

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readers’ images

Claudio Tosi I divided this in two phases: hand sketch and digital painting, and adding patterns and textures. The lines, sketches and strokes make the work look ‘confused’ but it was a rigorous graphic process. Corine Spring After isolating the saxophone, I integrated it on a background and added various brushes to achieve this effect. On a new layer I painted some shade. And finally I used Hue/Saturation to desaturate the saxophone. Bob Parsi I used stock photos with the tiger as the main theme. I blended all the images by masking and using blend modes. Then I used adjustment layers, filters and gradients to make the image pop. Jorge Miranda I created this image with a lot of stock photos. Sometimes I take them from online sites, other times I feel inspired to create my own…

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create art with your smartphone

Just over ten years ago, Apple introduced the iPhone to the world, and it’s fair to say technology hasn’t been the same since. Now, we all have a mini-computer in our pockets, with apps for taking photos, editing photos and sharing photos with the rest of the world. But how has this impacted the way we use Photoshop? Of course, Adobe introduced its own apps, including Photoshop Express and Capture to help Photoshop users create on the go. These can really help enhance your creative process, and offer solutions for when you’re not at a computer, but the impression of the smartphone on Photoshop is deeper than that. Nowadays, if you see the perfect subject for a composition – take the tiger on the left – you most likely have a camera…