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Pick Me Up! 03-Oct-2019

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United Kingdom
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one in a million!

Dropping the kids off at the gates, I felt like I was walking through sticky treacle. I was on the daily school run, but my mind was elsewhere. I was 43 and had four lovely children and a wonderful husband, but I was miserable. My periods were also extremely heavy, which wasn’t helping anything. In need of help, I marched myself down to the doctors. ‘It’s depression,’ I was told. It didn’t make any sense. But I was given antidepressants and was sent on my way. Then, four years later, I completely broke down. ‘I don’t know what’s wrong,’ I sobbed to my dad, Michael. ‘I don’t think you’re depressed, I think this is hormone related,’ he said. Dad is a breast cancer surgeon, so I trusted his advice and I went to see a specialist. ‘You’re not depressed, you’re perimenopausal,’…

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your pick me ups

UNUSUAL BUY Forget socks and sliders, socks and flip-flops are coming! As post-summer blues hit us hard, we’re all desperate to keep the magic of summer alive. And this fashion statement is the perfect way! The Happy Socks and Havaianas collaboration gives you a new wardrobe alternative: matching flip-flops and toe socks. These snug socks shape your big toe to allow the flip-flop strap in! Previously, you’d never be seen dead wearing socks and sliders... But fashion found a way to make it the biggest trend. And, we’re predicting these flip-flops and toe socks will be next! Limited edition set, £29.95, www.happysocks.com GOOD DEED OF THE WEEK If you spot a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk in the shop without any words on the front, don’t worry, it’s not an error. For the first time ever, the UK’s number one chocolate brand…

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Deborah Meaden was definitely not a dragon when I met her at a recent Birdfair event. She was friendly, had a really hearty laugh and happy to share some banter with me! Maria Marston, Chesham My Ronnie is only 10 months old and he’s already walking about like he owns the place. The don and not even one! He’s too funny. Alexandra Low, Halesowen My mother Gina loves doing activities with my daughter Meg and son Ethan. She’s so special and is still a spring chicken at heart! Cam Jacobs, Cheshire We all had the best time at Haven Burnham this year, making family memories to last forever. We loved this triple seesaw and I love this photo! Richard Adams, West Midlands Check out the mush on Evie! She’s really not sure about the…

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forgive and regret

Laying the table for Sunday lunch, waiting for my guests to arrive, my phone rang. ‘Do you want us to bring anything?’ my best friend Carol, 28, asked. ‘Just yourselves,’ I chirped. It was August last year, and she and her boyfriend Liam, 29, were popping over to my house for lunch. They were like family to me. I lived over 200 miles away from my relatives in Warwickshire, so I had them over at least once a week. ‘I hope you don’t mind,’ Carol continued. ‘But Liam has a friend staying and we thought we’d bring him, too? I think you’ll like him.’ ‘Of course,’ I grinned. I loved playing host. The three of them turned up around midday, and Carol introduced me to Paul Thackray, 28. ‘Thanks for having me,’ he smiled, handing over some cans of cider. We…

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come of age

Walking around town with my son Jordan, 28, we bumped into one of his old friends. ‘Hey Jordan,’ his friend shouted across the street. ‘I’ll meet you over there,’ I said to Jordan, sliding away to give them privacy. As I waited for them to finish up, I browsed some nearby shops. ‘Well that was embarrassing,’ Jordan said, as he came over to join me. ‘What was?’ I quizzed. ‘He thought you were my girlfriend!’ he said, bursting into laughter. I was 50! Thankfully, although a little mortified, Jordan joked it off. It may have been a little embarrassing for him, but for me, it was very flattering. At 50, I’d never looked so good. I first started losing weight when I was 48. I’d managed to turn back time Although I wasn’t fat, and by no means lived an unhealthy lifestyle, I…