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Pick Me Up! 07-Nov-2019

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your pick me ups

DON’T MIND IF WE DO We’ve tried Nutella, peanut butter and honey on our morning porridge, but we’ve never had steak, garlic and hot sauce… White’s Oats are mixing up sweet and savoury porridges to pay homage to the humble oat this autumn. Their Korean style savoury porridge is sweet, spicy and raw all in one. It’s made with oats, vegetable stock, ginger, chilli, steak, soy sauce, sweet chilli sauce, egg, shredded carrots, courgettes, and hot sauce. Visit www.whitesoats.co.uk for more sweet and savoury recipes to give your breakfast a kick! FISH FOR THOUGHT… Fish are the most popular pet in the UK, with around 33 million fish making up some of the 54 million pets owned by households across the UK. This isn’t surprising when you consider the positive impacts that pet fish can have on children! New…

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This is my grandson Lennox. Having been in the pool, he decided he needed his snorkel to assist him with his computer game! Wendy Dillon, Portsmouth I’ve been framed! Jennifer Shelden, Kent Here is my fiancé Richard passing the time whilst waiting for the birth of our first child! Abbi Mann, Chesterfield What a great way to campaign for Macmillan! A specially parked double decker bus in Romford Market. Who wouldn’t want a photo sitting in the driver’s seat? Angela Garvin, Essex My mum Nicola is such a thoughtful, kind, bubbly and caring character. No matter what, she manages to keep that big smile on her face. She really is super mum! Laura Cox If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you will receive some beautiful blooms from Flying Flowers. With over 30 years’ experience of helping celebrate…

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inviting trouble

Sipping on my glass of wine, I suddenly locked eyes with a handsome stranger across the pub. ‘Who is that?’ I giggled, nudging my friend’s shoulder excitedly. It was the beginning of 2008, I was 21, and I’d gone to my local in Bethesda, Gwynedd, for a few drinks. I was catching up with some work colleagues at the end of the day when I first bumped into Gareth Edwards, then 18. ‘Hi,’ he smiled, taking a seat next to me. Gareth was good looking, and his smile gave me butterflies. I wasn’t planning to meet anyone that night, but I couldn’t deny our chemistry. We sunk into conversation and before I knew it, the bar was calling last orders. ‘Hopefully I’ll see you again,’ Gareth smirked, grabbing his coat. But I’d completely forgot to get his number, and…

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lucky escape

With blood dripping down my face, I scurried into a nearby hedge just outside of the house. The pain was starting to set in, and I could barely see out of my swollen eyes. Moments later, Gareth burst out the front door, and started patrolling the streets, looking for me. I held my breath and prayed he wouldn’t find me. ‘Nerys?’ I heard a small voice say. ‘Are you OK?’ I looked up and was so thankful to see my teenage nephew, Tom*, peering down at me. Tom had been out on one of his camping trips and was on his way home in the early hours. He quickly called 999, and when Gareth spotted us, he jumped in his car and sped away. Paramedics arrived in five minutes and took me straight to to Bangor Hospital. I had…

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spread your wings

Dear Jamie, From the day you were born, I knew you were a special little boy. With your gorgeous dark hair and brown eyes, you were the perfect combination of me and your daddy, Simon, now 46. But, from the moment you came into this world at Worcester Royal Hospital on 29 April 2014, you were in so much pain. You see, my darling, the tops of your tiny feet looked as if they’d been badly burnt. The skin had come off as you were born, leaving them red raw. Doctors told us that you had something called epidermolysis bullosa (EB). It was a rare skin disorder that meant your skin was so delicate, that even a bump or graze could rip layers off from it. Your skin was as fragile as a butterfly’s wing, and in…

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your brainwaves..

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! You cannot beat freshly ironed clothes. With this extra-large Deluxe ironing board (£75.99), with integrated heat pad and thick cushioning layer for ultra-efficient steam ironing, ironing will become a dream! Also has thick triple cushioning layer construction of cotton, felt and foam. For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Fur ball To pick up hairs on the carpet, put some rubber pumps or trainers on and circle your feet around. This scoops up the hair so that it can easily be picked up! Angela Garvin, Romford Recyle and reuse I received a lovely bunch of flowers, but I had no vase to display them in. I cut the top off a 2-litre bottle of lemonade and put the…