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Pick Me Up! 26-Dec-2019

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United Kingdom
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one in a million!

Completing my master’s in music therapy I was absolutely thrilled. I’ve always been big into my music and for the past few years, I’d been a music teacher in a secondary school. But soon, I realised music can do so many great things. So, that’s when I decided to take my career a step further and train in music therapy. I got my first job at Claire House Children’s Hospice. And then, a few years later, after having three children myself, I took a step back. But, I knew music could help other people. So, that’s when I applied to MHA care home charity. They were looking for a music therapist to come in and do one-to-one and group sessions with their residents living with dementia. And soon, I started working there two days a week. MHA recognise the…

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your pick me ups

Unusual idea Getting married in 2020? Why not try this new trend? Whilst many of us have traditionally chosen to dry clean and store our precious wedding dresses, new brides are opting to deliberately ruin their special dress soon after the big day. Originating from Las Vegas, the latest bridal trend has landed in Britain. ‘Trash The Dress’ captures brides ‘ruining’ their wedding attire on camera. It gives couples unusual and memorable photos. Dresses can be burned, muddied, painted or ripped to shreds. Many brides trash their dress to raise money for charity, too! Would you sacrifice your white dress to have a wedding album like no other? WALK THIS WAY Have you ever heard of walking therapy? Science has proven that walking in nature improves our mental wellbeing, calms down our nervous system, and even lowers blood pressure. On…

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My friend Imogen fell head over heels for this handsome, larger than life toy soldier outside Salisbury Museum. But sadly, he only had a wooden heart! Sue Angus, Wolverhampton My wife Fiona and I came across this unique way of collecting for charity. Where’s Dr. Who when you need him? Mike Lunn, North Ayrshire My very own princess Grace celebrating her 6th birthday watching Dancing on Ice. Rachel O-Connor, West Bromwich Here’s my two daughters Grace and Angelina enjoyed themselves on our day out. They are so close and do everything together! Clare Cannon, Glasgow Every year I make resolutions that I know I won’t keep. This year I’ve made one I’ll stick to – to be in bed asleep at midnight! Lucy Travell, Gloucester If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you…

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bad blood

Sinking into the Jacuzzi, we clinked our glasses through the bubbles. ‘Cheers ladies,’ I said, taking a sip of Prosecco. ‘Happy Saturday!’ my friend Chloe, 26, cheered. It was 24 February 2018, and I’d spent the day with Chloe, her mum, a couple of her mum’s friends, and my son Charlie, then four. We had a girly day out shopping before heading back to Chloe’s mum’s house for a drink and a soak. But now, things were starting to wind down. Chloe and I weren’t ready to call it a night just yet. ‘Shall we head out for a drink?’ Chloe asked, grabbing a towel. ‘Definitely,’ I giggled, drying my hair. We decided to head somewhere for a proper catch up, away from the parents. After touching up our makeup, we called a taxi to take us to the town…

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no matter what

Scrolling through news headlines, my face suddenly dropped. ‘No!!’ I screamed, dropping my phone. ‘What is it?’ my mum Pam, 62, said, rushing into the room. ‘Boyzone are splitting up!’ I cried, tears falling. It was June 2018, and reading the article, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. After 25 years, my all-time favourite band were coming to an untimely end. At 35 years old, some would say my dramatic reaction was odd. But you see, I’m the UK’s biggest Boyzone fan! I’d discovered them in 1993, singing Love Me For a Reason on Top of The Pops. I was madly in love with all of them My innocent 11-year-old eyes widened. Their singing instantly struck a chord. After that, I begged Mum to buy me their album, and there was no going back. I listened to them all day, every day,…

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a letter to… my beautiful girl

Dearest Hayley, I remember the special day that you were born as if it were only yesterday. Your dad, David, and I had always wanted a girl. And your older brothers Paul, six, and Nigel, five, couldn’t be more excited to have a baby sister. You arrived on 3 May 1973 in Grimsby Hospital, and we fell in love straight away. Weighing 9lbs 10oz, you were a little chunk! With beautiful blue eyes and blonde wispy hair, you were our little princess. Our family was complete. The midwives mixed up the cots and you were almost taken by another mother. But luckily, I spotted the mistake before they left! How life would have been so different if you weren’t ours. From the minute you were born, you were a daddy’s girl. We didn’t have a great deal of money back then, but…