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Pick Me Up! 09-Jan-2020

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United Kingdom
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one in a million!

Heading into my daughter’s room, I tried to ease her back to sleep. Maddison was just seven, and she was struggling with her dad being away. Unfortunately, as a military family, it was just something she had to get used to. I’d joined the army in my late teens and that’s where I met my husband, Tony, 38. We were constantly moving, but when we had Maddison, that’s when I really noticed the affect it was having. We were told she wasn’t a crisis I slowed down my role as an army clerk, but as a soldier, Tony was constantly out on mission. Maddison could go weeks without seeing or talking to him, but there was no support. I just kept getting told that as her dad was alive and well, ‘she was not a crisis.’ Only, as a…

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your pick me ups

DON’T MISS THIS! We already can’t get enough of LEGOLAND but now there’s even more to look forward to this February half term – but be quick, tickets are selling out! From 15 to 23 February, the LEGOLAND Windsor resort will be celebrating Brick Week, where a selection of rides and attractions will be available, including a chance for kids to meet their favourite characters. There’s also a whole host of LEGO building workshops, including a LEGO make and take, a giant mosaic and a brick build challenge. What’s more, there will also be family favourites including the Dragon Coaster, Driving School, Fire Academy, LEGOLAND Express Train, Jolly Rocker, Mia’s Riding Adventure and more for everyone to enjoy. Tickets from £20 at www. legoland.co.uk. Clever idea! Whether you want to congratulate a colleague for taking the…

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This is my daughter Mia driving around her local park in her Fiat 500. I can’t get her out of it! Richard Adams, West Midlands I met Amanda Redman from Good Karma Hospital at a theatre production. Show was great and so was she! Maria Marston, Chesham These are usually gorgeous boys. But Archee and Marley wanted to terrify at a birthday party. Charlotte Park, Dorset My lovely mum Sue is always up for a laugh. She’s dressed in her Sister Act outfit ready for her friend’s wedding. Tylajae Hutchinson, Cheltenham My children always take the mickey out of me because I never eat a meal without dropping some down my clothes. So, they bought me a bib for Christmas! Patricia Cordon, Cheltenham If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you will receive…

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rising son

Dear Dan, I remember that day you were born in August 1990 like it was yesterday. In fact, I remember when you and your seven siblings Elly, 46, Jamie, 35, Thomas, 34, Michael, 33, Kerry, 30, Rory, 27, and Holly, 26, were all born. They are some of the proudest days of my life. You in particular were such a kind and loving young boy. It’s probably those wonderful qualities that attracted your long-term girlfriend Gemma to you at just nine-years-old. You were inseparable and you had one of the strongest forms of love I’ve ever seen. So it was no surprise that we all knew you were going to get married one day. You had the perfect life together, but working on constructions, it would be a while before you tied the knot. But then, on 7 July…

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grace under pressure

We didn’t understand what had happened, but the following day, the police filled us in. ‘It looks like Dan and his friends were involved in an altercation with another group of boys,’ the officer told us. ‘When Dan and his friends left the Forge Tavern, the other group of boys were waiting for them and launched an attack. ‘Dan was stabbed in the heart with what looked like a Rambo-style knife. ‘He was rushed to hospital, but he bled to death.’ I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Dan. I didn’t even know you’d gone out that night. You were 26-years-old, I had no control over your social life, but I thought you were just staying at Gemma’s. You must have decided to go and celebrate your job. Outside the hospital, your brother Tom, who’s a doctor, told me…

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‘you belong to me now’

As my brother Andrew, 30, drove me to the airport, I was grinning in anticipation for my new adventure. I was 32, and on my way to Beijing, China, to start a teaching job abroad. Working as an accountant, I’d been stagnating at home. Waiting for ‘something’ to happen, but not doing anything to tempt it. So that’s when I came up with the idea of working my way around the world. I wanted to understand what it was like to live and breathe another culture. So, in September 2011, I signed up to an online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course with the aim to get qualified and travel my way around different countries. She locked my passport in a safe I’d never been to China before, and the culture seemed like no other. There was…