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Pick Me Up! 12-Mar-2020

Published by TI Media Limited

United Kingdom
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one in a million!

At just three-weeks-old, my gorgeous Jessie was diagnosed with multiple learning difficulties, and later, autism. She was a very shy girl, but she made it until year nine in state school, before combining it with a specialist school two days a week. I was so proud of her, but as her time in education drew to an end, we weren’t sure what the future held. ‘I want to work in a posh restaurant like Pizza Express,’ Jessie told me one day. She’d always wanted to work in the catering industry, but due to her complex needs, she wasn’t able to get a job. So, instead, we signed her up for residential classes in college, but again, we soon discovered there wasn’t enough funding and time to support her. I felt utterly deflated as I knew Jessie…

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your pick me ups

Did you know? Gone are the days when a shower was designed only for washing yourself. Nowadays, it’s becoming more normal for people to multitask during their showers. With Alexa-enabled showerheads now existing and allowing people to perform in the shower, bath and shower experts at ShowerstoYou.co.uk decided to do a survey to see what we all like to get up to… • Surprisingly, drinking beer made the top three, and 1 in 3 participants said it was their favourite place to drink beer. • Two-thirds admit to crying in the shower, and 82% of people like to act out scenarios, some of them being winning an argument, having a job interview, and creating movie scenes. • Of course, singing in the shower came out top, with 91% performing Beyoncé, followed by Adele, Drake and…

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bite back

Putting in our personal details, me and my sister Carrie, then 43, finalised our summer holiday plans. A week in Benidorm – just what we needed. ‘I can’t wait!’ I grinned at her. Just a few months before in April 2017, we sadly lost our dad after a string of illnesses. I was caring for him full-time, but we were both absolutely heartbroken when he passed away. So, we needed some time away for ourselves. Excited, we set off in early August 2018 – thrilled to be staying in a fancy five-star hotel and finally having the chance to put our feet up. Arriving in the middle of the night, we quickly checked in and headed up to our shared bedroom to get some sleep. The next morning, we woke up feeling refreshed and couldn’t wait to start…

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animal magic

Is your cat overweight? Being overweight reduces your cat’s quality of life. According to PDSA Paw Report, 40% of cats are thought to be overweight. Follow this guide from Cats Protection charity to work out if your cat has been piling on the pounds. 1. RIBS – If your cat is overweight, it will be hard to feel their ribs. Your cat’s ribs should be felt easily with minimal fat cover. 2. WAIST – If your cat has no obvious waistline when you look at them from above, they are overweight. Your cat’s waist should tuck in behind their ribs. 3. BELLY – Your cat’s belly should tuck up behind their ribs. If their belly is rounded and they have a ‘pad’ of fat that sags down, they are overweight. 4. BACKBONE – Your cat’s…

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it started with a sore throat

Breathing in the fresh air, I paced around my local park. In October 2018, I was a fit and healthy runner and enjoyed going for regular jogs. The sun was shining in Pennsylvania, USA, and I was listening to upbeat music as I planned the rest of my week. As a wedding and party DJ, I regularly travelled across the country to mix music and join in wonderful celebrations. I was living the dream. A few weeks later, I was packing up my DJ decks after performing, when my throat felt sore. I must be coming down with something, I thought. I shrugged it off as a common cold, and wasn’t worried at all. Then four days later, I had an earache in my left ear. I went to the GP, where I was prescribed ear drops. ‘You’ve got a…

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your brainwaves…

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! The bathroom bundle (£32) includes a Comfigrip Squeegee which is perfect for all tile, glass and mirrored surfaces to remove water marks and soap scum, a Bathroom Wand for a streak free finish, four Super Sponges perfect for colour coding your cleaning routine, and a Rattan Effect Toilet Brush with a convenient integrated detergent dispenser; simply press to dispense. For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Save the planet I always buy liquid hand soap packets to refill my hand soap bottle. Then I put the empty packet into my next bubble bath, you won’t believe how much product is left! M.Curtis, York Tips to make your home clear-out eco-friendly Planning on having a spring clear-out? Do…