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Pick Me Up! 02-Apr-2020

Published by TI Media Limited

United Kingdom
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one in a million

Sitting down for a cuppa with my daughter, Hannah, 35, she said she wanted to start playing netball again. She’d played in the league for many years, but now she just wanted to have some fun. ‘Let’s see if anyone in the village is interested,’ I said. And so, writing a post on Facebook, I asked if anyone would want to play with us. All ages welcome! I typed. I couldn’t believe the response I got. A lot of women in the village wanted to play. So, we set up a ‘pay then play’ game on a Monday evening, down at our community hall. Just from the Facebook post, we got an umpire and a coach. We had women of all ages playing. 17 to 73-year-olds playing for fun at our Lanivet Panda Netball Club. Only, soon I realised that…

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your pick me up!

The year of 2019 was extremely hard for two North East mothers. Ashleigh lost her beautiful girl Jess at two years old, and Ria lost her fighter Leo at just 13 days old. Both mums want to honour their children’s memories by putting care packages in the Royal Victoria Infirmary and Freeman Hospital in Newcastle to help families going through bereavement. They aim to raise £5,000 to register their own charity and raise important funds. Go to gofundme.com and search for ‘Jess and Leo’s helping hands’ to help.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Getting that perfect holiday snap is a priority for many of us, with some risking it all. Case24.com conducted a survey of over 2,000 people to find out how far we’ll take it… Shockingly, 41% of respondents have risked their safety to take a…

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dead meat

Bursting into tears, I was in the middle of a rant about falling out with a group of my close pals. ‘Don’t worry, I’m here for you,’ my friend Christopher Ellam, 22, said, wrapping his arm around me. He was a shoulder to cry on and was there when I felt like I had no one else. Chris and I had known each other from school, had been friends since 2013. But it wasn’t long before our friendship turned into something more. ‘I’ve liked you for months,’ Chris confessed one day in December 2014. ‘I had no idea,’ I smiled. I had to admit, I had feelings for him, too. But not everyone was bowled over by my new boyfriend. ‘I’m not sure about him,’ my mum Deborah, 38, frowned after they met. Chris would experiment with drugs, and Mum…

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raw deal

My face was badly swollen and bruised, and when Mum asked me what had happened, it all came pouring out. I told her everything. ‘Why didn’t you tell me about this before?’ Mum cried, wrapping me in her arms. ‘I would have helped you.’ I felt relieved that she finally knew everything. Mum took me to the doctor, who then referred me to the Calderdale Royal Hospital. There, I was treated for bruising, and I had blood tests and an X-ray, which showed that I had bumps on the back of my head. Doctors advised that they were hematomas – lumps of clotted blood which had been caused by my injuries. But I was told they would go down eventually. After that, Chris started texting me, threatening to kill me and my family if I didn’t go back to…

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full house!

Sitting in my barber shop, I scrolled through my phone playing online bingo. I spent the spare, boring moments in between clients betting the odd fiver or tenner here and there. ‘You’ve won £50!’ flashed up on my phone screen. Result! I thought. Finally a win! It was June 2018, and playing online bingo had become a bit of a habit. I didn’t realise quite how much money I was wasting, until I saw my monthly bank statement… ‘I spent almost £1,000 this month!’ I cried to my husband Damien, 43. ‘This has to stop.’ And so, I banned myself from the bingo app for the next 12 months. Downloading free gaming apps instead, I didn’t really miss it. Over the next year, Damien and I tried to save as much money as we could to invest in a mortgage. We saved…

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your brainwaves…

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! The lightweight aluminium Cirrus board for easy handling, has a 100% cotton cover with thick high density foam lining for efficient steam ironing (£75.99). There are several height positons and a locking leg safety catch. The lightweight aluminium construction is easy to move around, yet ultra-stable and robust. It also has a large ironing surface area. For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Five ways to motivate yourself to clean Can you remember the last time you had a thorough deep clean of the house? If you’re not in the zone to tidy, try these cleaning tips from purefreedom.co.uk… 1. BREAK IT UP Focus on the bathroom one day, the kitchen the next, and the bedroom the…