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Pick Me Up! 14-May-2020

Published by TI Media Limited

United Kingdom
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one in a million!

After being diagnosed with autism and ADHD when I was younger, I’ve always struggled with public speaking and social interactions. But with a passion for politics and social action, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the world. And so, when I was 14-yearsold, I joined Doncaster’s Youth Council and got involved with various school agendas. I joined their bullying programme, where I became a peer mentor for people going through a difficult time. Being a shoulder for them, I helped those transitioning from year six to year seven, along with anyone who needed someone to talk to. Being able to help my peers was so rewarding and in 2018, I was even given the Princess Diana Award. It was amazing and I knew I wanted to do more. So that summer, I went along to…

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your pick me ups

Do you know how pythons keep warm? Brilliant idea! What better way to keep the kids entertained than by bringing wildlife into your home? Knowsley Safari in Merseyside is satisfying children’s curiosity with its Home School Safari – a new online learning hub packed with education, wildlife and conservation resources. Kids, parents and teachers can access free learning aids, including engaging educational videos, downloadable worksheets and fun animal facts and talks, covering topics including classification, Africa, food and feeding, veterinary animal care, and exploring different species. See the Knowsley Safari vet conduct an x-ray on a male African Lion to diagnose an injured paw, get up close to watch Kuzma the Amur Tiger having a root canal, and learn how giraffes are fed through the seasons. Do all birds fly? How does Elsa the Royal…

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tell me it’s not true

Pouring a pint, I leaned across the bar and passed it to the handsome stranger across from me. ‘Here you go,’ I blushed. ‘Thanks,’ he grinned. ‘Any chance I can get your number?’ I first met Peter Chesney, then 27, in 2007 when I was a barmaid in our hometown of Dagenham, Essex. He was sweet and charming – I fell for him immediately. On our first official date, he told me he was a single dad of two girls – Jodie, then six, and her big sister Lucy, then eight. He wasn’t in contact with their mum, had sole custody. ‘Does that bother you?’ he asked apprehensively. ‘No,’ I smiled. ‘I’d love to meet them.’ I’d never really planned on having kids of my own, but I didn’t mind being with someone who did. After a few months together,…

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never forgotten

Police investigations continued, but it felt like we weren’t getting anywhere. How could someone do this to Jodie? I thought to myself in disbelief. She was such a sweet girl – it made no sense. Eventually we had a breakthrough, and two people were charged. The trial started in September last year at the Old Bailey, and for eight agonising weeks, I went along every day. As the details of Jodie’s murder emerged, it was hard to take in. That evening, Jodie had been hanging out on a park bench with her boyfriend and a few of her friends in East London, when two figures emerged from a bush and one plunged a knife into her back. She died after suffering a seven-inch deep wound that caused her lung to collapse. It turns out drug dealer Svenson Ong-a-Kwie,…

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follow it!

Solve the puzzle to spell out a term related to the picture. The arrows show you where to put your answers. The answer is spelled in the yellow squares. Aldi has teamed up with TV mixologist and flavour guru Pritesh Mody to recreate world-class cocktails at a fraction of the price. For more recipes visit aldi.co.uk Tiki Easy ☐ 35ml Aldi Sea Dog Spiced Rum ☐ 25ml Haysmith’s Seville Orange and Lime Gin ☐ 5ml Aldi Golden Syrup ☐ 20ml Grendine ☐ Tablespoon Aldi Marmalade ☐ 30ml Lime juice ☐ Orange wheel garnish 1 Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake HARD with ice. 2 Pour into a tall glass of crushed ice. 3 Garnish with an orange wheel. Bloomin’ Wild ☐ 35ml Saint Germont Reserve Vodka ☐ 25ml Orange Blossom & Peach Gin ☐ 15ml Elderflower syrup ☐ 25ml Lemon Juice ☐ 2 dashes Peychaud…

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not on my watch

As the doorbell rang, my daughter Thea, then eight, raced to open it, skidding across the hallway floor in her socks. ‘It’s Nana!’ she squealed excitedly, as my mum Cheryl, now 52, walked in. ‘Hello everyone,’ Mum smiled as she walked into the kitchen carrying two large plastic bags. ‘What have you got there, Mum?’ I asked. ‘Chinese takeaway,’ she grinned. ‘I thought I’d treat you all tonight.’ ‘Thanks, Mum,’ I smiled, as the smell of sweet and sour wafted up my nose. ‘You really didn’t have to.’ It was a Friday night in July 2018, and a takeaway was just what we needed. My husband Tom, 30, and I had our hands full with Thea and our newborn son Artie. Mum was always on hand to help out, and I was so grateful. She and I had always…