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Pick Me Up! 15-Apr-2021

Pick Me Up! stimulates the modern real-life reader with a rip-roaring range of fun, fascinating and thought-provoking stories which feed her curiosity and hunger to know more. It hits the sweet spot for value-hunting, brighter women. Pick Me Up! gets under the skin of the story and encourages its reader to think harder, feel deeper… and share the experience. Plus, Pick Me Up! has the most up-to-date fashion and beauty pages, easily digested health and wellbeing advice, a good portion of fab food news and recipes, and pages of prize puzzles, all in a bright, modern package.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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one in a million!

Walking through our local area, we came across a cake sale. Taking a closer look at the stall, they were raising money for Cats Protection. ‘Wow,’ my son Joss beamed, looking at the delicious display. We’d recently adopted our own cat Margherita from a local rescue centre, and so we were all passionate about the welfare of our feline friends. Only eight, Joss didn’t really understand about charities. He knew about the local rescue centre where we’d adopted Margherita and the amazing work they do, but that was about it. However, that night, when we arrived home, he started watching YouTube videos all about Cats Protection – that along with funny videos of cats causing mischief. Within a matter of weeks, he was absolutely fascinated, and it wasn’t long before he said he wanted to raise…

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your pick me ups

Join in the Big Smile Tea Party! Back and even better! What a great idea The ultimate pressie for the Percy fan in your life, this Percy Pig bouquet doesn’t feature flowers, but instead is packed full of everyone’s favourite sweet Percy treats. After Percy became the most searched term on the M&S website, and the success of their Percy Valentine’s gift bag, M&S have created this wow-worthy bouquet. It includes nine packs of iconic sweets, Percy phizzy pop and a Percy soft toy! Perfect for sending to someone as a little pick me up. • The Percy Pig Sweet Sensation Bouquet is £30 on www.marksandspencer.com GOOD DEED OF THE WEEK There’s no time like the present to show off your lockdown baking skills! The international children’s cleft charity Smile Train is excited to announce that their annual fundraising event,…

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If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you will receive some beautiful blooms from Flying Flowers. With over 30 years’ experience of helping celebrate life’s special moments and FREE delivery by post, a gorgeous bouquet by Flying Flowers is a lovely way to celebrate sharing smiles and happiness. See flyingflowers.co.uk for more details.…

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changed forever

Peeling open my eyes, I could hear rustling from downstairs. My then 11-weekold son Mannix had kept me awake all night, so my husband Vinny, now 42, let me sleep in that morning. Usually, I’d be up and helping with the routine of getting our daughter Estlin, three, ready for nursery. Lying in bed a little longer, in March 2017, I soon took Mannix downstairs. ‘Are you tired today?’ I cooed, making some coffee. After Vinny had taken Estlin to nursery, I planned for a relaxing day with Mannix. With a toddler and newborn, it was a rare occurrence. Not only would Mannix keep us up at night, but Estlin kept us on our toes. Just weeks away from her fourth birthday, she was already such a confident and independent little girl. Refusing to wear trousers, she insisted that…

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a new woman

Waiting patiently in the doctor’s surgery for my check-up appointment, I planned what I was going to cook for tea. Maybe a vat of cottage pie? I thought to myself. And I’ve got some chocolate in the cupboard for dessert! It was August 2019, and I weighed 24st 11lbs and was a dress size 26. I was very overweight, but I’d never had any health problems. That was, up until now… ‘You have Type 2 diabetes, Sarah,’ my doctor said. I was stunned. Diabetes! I thought – the diagnosis flashing in my head. Type 2 diabetes ran in the family, but I’d had no symptoms at all. ‘I didn’t realise quite how bad my weight had got,’ I admitted to the doctor. ‘You need to lose weight for your health,’ he said. ‘I can refer you to have a gastric…

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your brain waves……

Be a winner! This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! This two piece rattan effect bathroom set is perfect for a quick makeover. This stylish bathroom set includes a 5L swing bin and a durable toilet brush. They are hard wearing, wipe clean and they won’t dent or rust! For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Very happy meal There is a tab at the bottom of each McDonald’s Happy Meal box which turns the box into a plate with edges – saving mess and cleaning. Sian Salsbury, Cradley Heath Takeaway trick Simmer and shine If you’ve singed a saucepan, don’t throw it out! Just add water, an inch from the top, and add two tablespoons of vinegar. Then simmer for 30 minutes and wash out with soap…