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Pick Me Up! 29-Apr-2021

Pick Me Up! stimulates the modern real-life reader with a rip-roaring range of fun, fascinating and thought-provoking stories which feed her curiosity and hunger to know more. It hits the sweet spot for value-hunting, brighter women. Pick Me Up! gets under the skin of the story and encourages its reader to think harder, feel deeper… and share the experience. Plus, Pick Me Up! has the most up-to-date fashion and beauty pages, easily digested health and wellbeing advice, a good portion of fab food news and recipes, and pages of prize puzzles, all in a bright, modern package.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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one in a million!

Growing up, I always knew I was different. I struggled with social connections and I took everything quite literally. No one ever questioned if there was an underlying cause to this, so I just carried on. However, it was only when my own daughter began showing similar traits that I started to question it. Researching online, that’s when autism came up. I’d never really thought about it before, but as my then four-year-old underwent an assessment, everything began to add up. And after raising concerns with my doctor, in 2015, at the age of 27, I was diagnosed with autism myself. Doctors said they’d need to assess my daughter over the years to determine whether she had it as well, but for me, it was a huge relief. I’d gone my whole life wondering why I was…

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your pick me ups

SUPPORT A SMALL BUSINESS Here are some fun new crafting kits to see you on some craft-ventures into spring! Cute pastel tones, fun makes and lovely haberdashery by The Make Arcade – a small business passionate about sewing, crafting and making. The Make Arcade want to make life more creative by passing on the practical skills needed to make things by hand and provide inspiration to make and create. They create little kits of DIY loveliness with a modern touch using lots of different sewing techniques and materials. The crafting kits are designed with beginners in mind with lots of photographed instructions and all the materials and supplies included. Everything from The Make Arcade is designed and manufactured in their cosy studio in Salisbury, by a team fuelled on doughnuts and disco! ●Go to themakearcade.co.uk to shop…

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sisterly bond

There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters. I have two, Ebony 38, and Ellsie, 24, and I absolutely adore them. Growing up, I loved having sisters and I always wanted girls of my own so they could experience that special bond. The older we got, the closer we all became. In 2016 however, Ebony and I took it to a new level. You see, I’d been born with a combination of heart problems – a hole in the heart, pulmonary atresia and MAPCAs – and they had consumed most of my life. The issues only came to light when I was eight-years-old, but I needed four operations and I’ve had yearly check-ups ever since. However, in 2013, whilst attending a check-up with my fiancé Michael, 39, I received some surprising news. ‘Have you thought about having children?’…

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no pressure!

Turning to Michael, I showed him the messages. I’d expected apprehension, but he was fully on board. As long as Ebony is happy,’ he smiled. I was upset that I’d never carry my own baby, but who better to be our surrogate than my sister? Ebony already had two children of her own, Tegan, 12, and Sonny, nine, with her partner Gavin, 44. She’s always said she had ‘textbook pregnancies’ and followed all the advice. I knew I could trust her and so, a few days later, we met up. ‘Is there anything you want to go over?’ Michael asked. ‘Nothing at all,’ she smiled. ‘I want to do this for you.’ After that, the ball got rolling fairly quick. There were a lot of appointments and things to discuss, but the plan was officially set in motion. Michael and I…

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silent threat

Unpacking the last of my clothes, I was so glad to be back at university. Now in my final year at Royal Holloway University, I knew it was going to be tough. Studying psychology, I wanted to do as well as I possibly could in the hopes of securing a job in the field. ‘But first, we party!’ I said to my housemates as we arrived back from the summer break. And so, for that first week, we partied away, without a single care in the world. ‘I need a night off,’ I laughed on the Thursday in September 2019. I’d definitely learnt over the years not to overdo it Only, the next day, I woke up with a roaring headache. I hoped it would pass, but on Saturday, I woke up with a piercing pain through my…

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your brainwavess…

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! The crystal-clear bathroom collection with a strong, non-marking INVISIFIX mount simply secures onto smooth surfaces. The easily lifted, re-locate and shatterproof acrylic caddy holds up to 5kg. For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Don’t trip! After buying a new rug, if the corners are curling up, place a few heavy books on it and leave for two days to flatten it out. Julie Surtees, Tyne and Wear Woven woes After struggling with tangles, trying to turn a skein of yarn into a ball of yarn, I pushed a wooden skewer through the middle and put each end into a croc. In no time, I had a perfect ball. Anne-Marie Hunter, Kent Plentiful plants Grow lots of tomato plants by cutting up…