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Pick Me Up! 10-Jun-2021

Pick Me Up! stimulates the modern real-life reader with a rip-roaring range of fun, fascinating and thought-provoking stories which feed her curiosity and hunger to know more. It hits the sweet spot for value-hunting, brighter women. Pick Me Up! gets under the skin of the story and encourages its reader to think harder, feel deeper… and share the experience. Plus, Pick Me Up! has the most up-to-date fashion and beauty pages, easily digested health and wellbeing advice, a good portion of fab food news and recipes, and pages of prize puzzles, all in a bright, modern package.

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Future Publishing Ltd
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one in a million!

At the age of just 23, my brother Robin was sadly diagnosed with testicular cancer. This came as a huge shock to the whole family as Robin was a fit, healthy young lad who was in the prime of his life. We were all devastated, and watching Robin decline was the hardest period of my life. Robin sadly passed away on 10 December 2011, just 10 months after his diagnosis. We were left completely broken, but we knew we wanted something positive to come out of his tragedy. So, in memory of Robin, myself, my eldest brother Adam, 36, and our parents, Mark and Lorna, launched The Robin Cancer Trust. In September 2012, we registered as an official charity and our hope was that we could prevent another family from going through what we did. The charity…

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your pick me ups

What a great idea Desenio has partnered with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) on its mission to protect the oceans and seas. In support of BLUE and its cause, Desenio continues to celebrate the beauty of our oceans through newly launched art prints. With Clean Sea, the newest collection of art prints, Desenio want to help BLUE draw attention to the crisis in the oceans and support a solution that preserves life beneath the surface of the ocean. Did you know 90% of wild fish stocks are now overfished? BLUE makes a difference by securing marine protected areas, developing models of sustainable fishing, restoring marine habitats, tacking unsustainable fishing and connecting people with the sea. ● Go to desenio.co.uk to shop the range now. GET INVOLVED Have you ever considered adoption? Maybe it’s something that you’ve looked into but not…

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hiding the truth

Lugging the weekly shop down the road, I let out a long sigh. ‘Everything OK, Love?’ my mum, Diana Gray, 50, asked. ‘Yeah, just tired,’ I replied. In truth, I was exhausted. As a mum-of-two, that was natural, but despite having a partner by my side to help, I felt like I was doing it all alone. I’d first met Daniel Hall, now 24, in school. Three years older than me, he was just someone I knew through friends. However, in 2016, having both left school, our friendship took a romantic turn. To begin with, things were great between us. Daniel was kind, funny and always made me smile. We had the same group of friends, so we spent a lot of time together, and I couldn’t have been happier. Sadly, Mum hadn’t liked him from day one, as she thought…

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help me, mum

As I struggled to keep on top of the kids and housework, Daniel remained hurled up in bed. ‘I need your help,’ I told him in February 2020. By this point, I’d stopped caring about what he would do to me. I was tired and exhausted. Then, suddenly, Daniel sprang out of bed as he heard his Xbox being turned on in the living room. Running in, he was furious as Riley was sticking a DVD in the player. ‘What are you doing?’ he screamed at him. Watching on, I sprang into mum-mode. Picking up Riley, I wasn’t going to let Daniel hurt him. Only, Daniel had lost it and was smashing up the place. ‘It’s OK,’ I cooed, as Riley screamed in my arms. ‘No, it’s not!’ Daniel yelled. With Daniel on a warpath, I knew I had to get us…

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in a flash

Slipping into a sexy handmade costume, I posed for my fans. With hundreds of subscribers on the site OnlyFans, I always make sure to please. Constantly chatting and sending images, I love my online community. I almost stumbled into it a few years ago and I’ve never looked back. You see, not only is it a great community, but it also saved my life. My health began playing up when I was just nine-years-old, and I’d been in and out of hospital ever since. It all started at the end a one-week trip to Spain with my grandparents, way back when. I’d been completely fine all week, but at the airport on the way home, I had a sudden urge to throw up. Everyone hoped I’d just picked up a bug and I’d be back on my feet…

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your brainwaves…

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! From the Lynsey Queen of Clean collection are the Bamboo sponge and triple pack of super sponge complete with the Addis caddy. Made with natural bamboo, the sponges are both renewable and a naturally antibacterial plant source. Lynsey’s top tip – use these with or without product. For more ways to make your life easier, visit addis.co.uk Hands-free! If you’ve got nowhere for the recipe you’re following, use a trouser hanger to dangle from a cupboard. Amanda Hadley, Cradley Heath Glowing touch Once my Grand Marnier bottle was empty, I washed it out, put battery operated fairy lights inside, and used it as a quirky lamp for my shelf. Tina Williams, Blaenau Gwent Pest prevention Natural cork is the perfect deterrent for flies.…