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Pick Me Up! 01-Jul-2021

Pick Me Up! stimulates the modern real-life reader with a rip-roaring range of fun, fascinating and thought-provoking stories which feed her curiosity and hunger to know more. It hits the sweet spot for value-hunting, brighter women. Pick Me Up! gets under the skin of the story and encourages its reader to think harder, feel deeper… and share the experience. Plus, Pick Me Up! has the most up-to-date fashion and beauty pages, easily digested health and wellbeing advice, a good portion of fab food news and recipes, and pages of prize puzzles, all in a bright, modern package.

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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one in a million!

Back in 2019, a friend of mine sadly gave birth to a sleeping son. It was a difficult time, and I wanted to bring her something comforting. With seven kids, I often take them rock hunting and it was then that I had an idea. Finding the perfect rock, I went home and painted a ladybird with hearts. My friend loved it and named it after her son. After that, more people began requesting the ladybird rocks, and so I set up a page. Naming them ‘Remembugs’, I just wanted to do something nice for those who were grieving a loved one. Within the first 48 hours, the page had 3,000 members. Two years on, and we have over 12.4k members and our Remembugs have travelled far and wide. Each bug has a slightly different design and once…

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your pick me ups

We’re loving this! Community pups rally to support local business! After reaching out to the people of Crookes, Sheffield, over social media, the Bambino team were elated to see so many locals and furry friends eager to support them. The puppies were invited to star as the models in a photoshoot with Bambino’s crayons. The idea behind the campaign was to draw attention to the positive effects of both colouring and having a pet dog on mental wellbeing. The company specialises in uniquely formulated crayons and colouring books for both adults and children. Bambino’s crayons are different because they are made mainly from pigment and clay and only a small amount of wax. It means they have a great saturation and gorgeous colours. • Go to www.bambinocrayons.com to enjoy the crayons as much as these pups! GET IN TOUCH Send…

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If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you will receive some beautiful blooms from Flying Flowers. With over 30 years’ experience of helping celebrate life’s special moments and FREE delivery by post, a gorgeous bouquet by Flying Flowers is a lovely way to celebrate sharing smiles and happiness. See flyingflowers.co.uk for more details.…

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red flags

As I picked up my phone, a Facebook notification popped up. It was a friend request from a man called Wayne McDaid, 37, and it turned out we had some pals in common. Scanning through his photos, I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. Hi, how’re you? he messaged me. I typed out a response and before I knew it, we were in conversation. He was so easy to chat to and I felt an instant connection between us. We spent the next couple of months exchanging messages before I was ready to meet in person. Fancy some company this evening? he messaged. That would be nice, I replied, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. That evening, I got myself dressed up and poured a glass a wine. I felt butterflies whirling in my stomach as I…

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the real life note book

Flicking through my parents wedding album, a tear slid down my cheek. As I sat picking out photos for their funeral, I kept thinking back to the wonderful life they had together… They had met in 1953 when they were just 15 – true high school sweethearts. My mum, Brenda, loved telling me how they met. She’d been watching Dad play in the school band and fell head over heels instantly. ‘I was besotted,’ she’d say, her eyes glistening. Not wanting to miss her chance, she followed my dad, Terrance, into a sweet shop a few days later and asked him out right then and there. ‘I asked him if he wanted to go on a date with me and he said yes,’ she smiled, proudly. Their first date was a trip to the cinema and from that…

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your brainwaves…

This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! Creating a clean and neat space can help makeover a room with minimal cost yet maximum impact. This 50L recycling hub is the ultimate solution for storing all of your recycling items in one unit. And it’s worth £189.99! To embrace and love your space visit addis.co.uk Dancing shoes Clean the white rubber on your pumps by scrubbing with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste before wiping away with a damp cloth. Beverley Lindfield, Kent Sunday best I use my wife’s oily cotton wool pads, after she’s used them to clean her face, to shine up my shoes. David Anderson, Sunderland Buff your bling To clean tired-looking jewellery, gently scrub with an old toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, rinse off with warm water before buffing…