Practical Boat Owner June 2019

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waiting for the tide

with the editor Sailing your very own way There are infinite reasons for wanting to sail or go boating, from the cruisers who go no further than the harbour mouth, to the liveaboards who abandon all ties and sail the seven seas. PBO caters to a wide variety of the world’s boating tribes – more than any other boating magazine – but what is it that unites us all? Ben McMinn tells Peter Poland all about his love for classics: cars, houses, boats – you name it (page 26). As long as it was built more than 50 years ago, he’s a fan. He readily admits that his Wind Elf has yet to cover much ground since he bought her, but Chichester Harbour has a lot to offer, so why not make the…

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More offshore windfarms in North Sea More offshore windfarms are being planned for the east coast of England and Scotland following a new sector deal between the industry and the UK Government. By 2030, a third of all electricity in the UK will be generated by offshore wind facilitated by the expansion or development of sites in the North Sea and east coast of Scotland, including the Firth of Forth, Norfolk and East Anglia. Renewable UK, which is the trade association for wind power, wave power and tidal power industries, has stressed that the safety of sailors will continue to be considered when looking at new developments. Its comments come after the cruising manager of the RYA, Stuart Carruthers, raised concerns that the needs of sailors could become ‘inconvenient’ in the race to develop…

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is your gps accurate?

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has issued a special safety bulletin to all mariners who use older GPS following a so-called week number rollover event on 6 April 2019. Find out if it affects you. What is a week number rollover event? All GPS systems count time in weeks after 6 January 1980. The week number is stored as a 10-bit binary number which only allows for a maximum of 1,024 weeks (19.7 years) before resetting itself to 0. This rollover to 0 happened on 6 April 2019 and had the potential to affect all GPS receivers and systems using GPS chips for both position and UTC which are over 10 years old. How do I know if my GPS is affected? Only equipment more than 10 years old and that hasn’t had…

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diary dates

Chichester Marina Boat Show, 27-28 April, Premier Chichester Marina, Chichester Harbour Conservancy Open Day, 27 April, various activities in and around the harbour, Hereford River Carnival, 3-4 May, River Wye, Hereford, Celtic Challenge Rowing Race, 3-6 May from Arklow, Ireland to Aberystwyth, Wales, Jersey Boat Show, 4-6 May, St Helier Marina, Gosport Marine Festival, 11 May, Haslar Marina, events/gosport-marinefestival/n British Motor Yacht Show, 17-19 May, Swanwick Marina, Hamble, Cowes Spring Classics, 17-19 May, Cowes, South Coast Boat Show, 17-19 May, Ocean Village Marina, Southampton, Shepperton Marina Boat Jumble, 18 May, Brixham Heritage Sailing Regatta, 25-26 May, Torbay, Lowland Canal Carnival, 24-26 May, Falkirk Wheel, Auchinstarry Marina in Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch in East Dunbartonshire, All Wales Boat and Lesiure…

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regional news

SOUTH COAST AND CHANNEL ISLANDS FAWLEY CHIMNEY TO GO The iconic Fawley power station chimney on the Solent, is to be demolished and replaced with a glass tower as part of regeneration plans. Fawley Waterside Ltd wants to build a small town of 1,500 homes, along with a hotel, yacht club, shops, restaurants and a marina on the site. It has been told by New Forest District Council that the chimney has a ‘detrimental impact’ on the New Forest National Park landscape. The developers are planning to remove the chimney and apply for permission to build a 100m high glass tower which can be seen from the Solent’s eastern and western approaches. CLEANER ILFRACOMBE An autonomous marine robot, known as WasteShark, has been launched by the charity WWF and Sky Ocean Rescue at Ilfracombe harbour in…

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Tiller lock When a new issue of PBO lands on my doormat, the Sketchbook page soon gets my attention. In PBO April 2019 it was about tiller locks. I find tiller locks to be very helpful, and have tried several versions over the years. The one I use now for my 26ft Marieholm International Folkboat is cheap and simple, both to make and to use. My version looks very similar to version C in the Sketchbook. The main difference is that the line is terminated in a stout bungee at each side, and the hook under the tiller is replaced with a hardwood cleat, which forms a narrow V-notch against the tiller. This lets the line jam in the notch and hold the course. The present version has an 8° notch and…