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sailing down memory lane with the acting editor

I brushed the dust off my RYA logbook the other day and saw the names of skippers and boats long forgotten. At the time that little booklet was just a way to clock miles towards qualifications. I realise now, 20 years after the first entry, it’s a diary. Inside those neat rows are some of the best times of my life – some of which appeared in these very pages. My disastrous honeymoon in Greece, my RYA Coastal Skipper – plus the first article I ever wrote (for Yachting Monthly) about a voyage from Brighton to Conwy. There were tall ships and quarter tonners, racing yachts and cruisers. Some I’d worked on, others I’d crewed on – a few I’d been lucky enough to skipper. It was Max Liberson’s article (page 38)…

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what fuel do the marina groups sell?

MDL marina group has already switched from E5 Petrol to E10 with up to 10% renewable ethanol, boatfolk’s fuel suppliers are in the process of doing so, while Premier Marinas is delaying the transition. A boatfolk spokesman said, “Since recently becoming the accepted standard in the UK, our fuel suppliers have started switching to E10 across the country. This switch has been communicated to our customers and we advise all boat owners to check compatibility with their engine manufacturers before fuelling.” A Premier Marinas spokesman said: “Many of our customers needed additional time to prepare for the arrival of E10. “Following discussions with our supplier, we have been able to maintain the supply of standard E5 petrol on fuel berths across all our marinas at this time. “We recognise the importance of fuel…

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new e10 petrol and older boat engines don’t mix

Experts and boat owners are growing increasingly concerned that the new E10 fuel will damage and affect engines over 15 years old. Fears are that older boat petrol engines – both outboard and inboard – filled with E10 could be caught out in a dangerous situation. In September 2021, the UK government mandated the introduction of the use of E10 petrol. ‘E10’ refers to the percentage of ethanol mixed into the petrol. The UK’s previous baseline fuel mix was E5 with 5% ethanol. Diesel fuel is not affected, although lower sulphur and higher biofuel content in recent years has seen an increase in the risk of diesel bug. Claims that E10 petrol will see carbon dioxide (CO2) production cut by as much as 750,000 tonnes annually are made but there are downsides. Firstly,…

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ethanol free – despite confusing stickers

An ExxonMobil spokesman said: “There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded petrol. Esso super unleaded (Esso Energy Supreme+ 99) is ethanol free – except, due to technical supply reasons, in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland. Recent legislation requires E5 labels to be placed on pumps supplying unleaded fuel with ‘up to 5% ethanol’. Since there is no lower limit, we are obliged to include the stickers on our Supreme Unleaded premium fuel pumps even though the fuel they dispense contains no ethanol.” The government has promised that E5 fuel will be available for at least five years, but prices are expected to rise. Find engine compatibility advice at:…

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alex thomson steps down from racing

British sailor Alex Thomson has announced that he will not compete as a skipper in the 2024 Vendée Globe, the solo, non-stop race around-the-world, but does not rule out returning to the race in 2028. Thomson has competed in the IMOCA 60 circuit for 19 years including five Vendée Globes with two podium finishes and numerous world records. “I love the sport but it’s now time for me to spend more time on land, with my young family. My wife, Kate, has single-handedly raised our children for the last 10 years while I have pursued my dream. Now I want to support Kate and allow her the same opportunity that she has given me. “This doesn’t mean that I am retiring, just changing my role, from spending most of my time at sea,…

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fatal boat capsize maib report

A report into a family boating day trip which turned into a tragedy has been published by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB). Norma G, a 5.48m Norman 18 Mk2 motor cruiser was capsized by a large wave close to the Doom Bar in the Camel Estuary near Padstow, Cornwall, on 25 May 2020. The owner’s daughter, Gillian Davey, 17, became trapped in the cabin due to her lifejacket, which had automatically inflated, and sadly drowned. The MAIB report has raised several safety issues. It states that Norma G’s owner’s limited boating experience meant he did not fully appreciate the dangers of being close to the Doom Bar around low water; and Gillian’s inflated lifejacket prevented her from swimming down and out of the submerged cabin door. The report says Gillian and her…