Practical Classics September 2019

Practical Classics magazine has a 30-year tradition of delivering the very best, hands-on classic car experiences to its readers. Every staff writer and contributor works on and restores their own classics. Each issue is packed with: * Rigorous buying advice * Real-world product tests * Inspirational classic driving features * Fascinating historical insight Practical Classics is also a campaigning title, taking the concerns of classic car owners to Parliament and keeping its readers' classics where they belong - on the road. So come and join PC in the workshop - the kettle's on.

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welcome to our road trip

New converts. That’s what the classic car movement needs, in order to continue thriving. Over the past few weeks we have been given a front row seat on how getting them to come over to the classic side might be achieved. You don’t have to go far to find out for yourself. Do a quick internet search or simply ask a classic-owning mate and you’ll almost certainly be pointed in the direction of your closest gathering of like-minded souls, your nearest local meet. My advice? Go. Why? Because we have found a new strain of enthusiasm, and indeed, enthusiasts at each one of the local club meets we dropped in on during our round-Britain judging tour. Clubs that meet informally, have simple structures, are family friendly, don’t have big rule books, accept…

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citroën century

Tens of thousands of Citroën enthusiasts have gathered at the firm’s historic test facility west of Paris (July 19-21) to celebrate 100 years of production. Cars flooded into the site at La Ferté-Vidame, where from November 1938 onwards, some of the company’s most iconic models were put through their paces. PSA still operates the site. As well as admiring the vehicles on display, visitors were given an insight into the company’s history, including production facilities such as the one pictured here, on the banks of the Seine in Paris. Just months after the guns fell silent on the Western Front and munitions production ended at the Quai de Javel plant, André Citroën unveiled Europe’s first mass-produced car, the Type A. Javel successes thereafter included the likes of the Traction Avant and SM as…

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the month in 5 pictures

Prof Jim Randle, engineering guru behind the P6, XJS, XJ40 and DB7, has died at the age of 81. He’ll always be linked with Jaguar cars, especially the XJ220. East Anglian Motor Auctions sold a pre-production Jaguar XJ12 on July 20, 2019. The XJ12 was pulled off the XJ6 line to be one of the first Jaguar V12 saloons. The Grade II listed 1938 Rootes garage in Maidstone, is to be converted into 42 flats. The plans include a gym, parking and retail space but retain its deco features. The final fate of the Longbridge-housed MG and Rover prototypes such as the RDX60 (picture by Thomas AK), is still unknown as we went to press. Vintage Tyres’ Bicester Heritage branch is opening five days a week from July 1. Just like Beaulieu, Bicester will…

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starting handle

This issue should have been a simple celebration of local clubs, and a new type of informal pop-up classic show that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately events have overtaken us somewhat. Three separate incidents have put these car shows in the headlines over the past month, and we need to talk about it. ‘Don’t encourage others to be idiots’ On two occasions, showboating drivers have injured bystanders and damaged property, and on a third, onlookers obscured the view of a show-leaving classic owner, causing a near-fatal bus crash. Let’s not kid ourselves, we were all a millisecond away from multiple fatalities. The truth is, if we don’t put our own events in order, then someone else will. Here are five tips. No.1. Don’t be an idiot. If you think that showboating your way…

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crashes mar car shows

Three high profile crashes at car shows within a month have raised safety concerns. On June 30, the driver of a supercharged Chevrolet Chevelle left a Doncaster car show at speed before losing control and smashing into a wall. Police are investigating the incident but videos of the crash went viral almost immediately. On July 4, another video appeared online of an Audi 100 pulling out of the Witney car show into the path of a double decker bus. Comments on the video raised concerns about the number of people stood watching cars leave obscuring the driver’s view of the road as well as the lack of traffic management as cars left the rally field. On July 18, 17 spectators were injured, some severely, at a modified car meet in…

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ultra thin open ended spanner set

TMWL Slim Spanners Price: £139.97 We’ve had this spanner set in the PC workshop for some time now, and it’s proved to be incredibly useful on many an occasion. This set from Laser Tools (part no: 6996) contains ten ultra-thin, open ended spanners that are ideal for lock nuts and other tight spaces such as gland nuts on shafts and pipe fittings, or a very narrow hex on a stud or shaft designed to hold it still while another fastener is removed. The set is presented in a foam tray which is designed to fit in a tool box or roll-cab drawer, keeping the tools safe and always ready to hand.…