Practical Classics August 2020

Practical Classics magazine has a 30-year tradition of delivering the very best, hands-on classic car experiences to its readers. Every staff writer and contributor works on and restores their own classics. Each issue is packed with: * Rigorous buying advice * Real-world product tests * Inspirational classic driving features * Fascinating historical insight Practical Classics is also a campaigning title, taking the concerns of classic car owners to Parliament and keeping its readers' classics where they belong - on the road. So come and join PC in the workshop - the kettle's on.

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welcome to the workshop

There is a small chink of light. Despite the cancellation of Goodwood and now Beaulieu, plus almost every other event this summer, we are now hoping for more activity over the next few months. I am already seeing more classics out on the road – I even got stuck in a traffic jam yesterday. We are still producing the magazine from our homes and coming together at the workshop to work on our classics in a socially distanced style. It seems to be working. Some of you have had problems getting the magazine and, for that, I humbly apologise. We are doing our level best to keep you stocked. Drop me an email if you have had a problem and I will go and ask the right question of the right…

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rebel with a cause!

‘With the Rover P4, £500 has been raised for NHS charities’ Practical Classics has been busy helping to raise awareness of classics in the front line with the Lockdown Heroes series over the past few issues; now the magazine has gone a step further by raising money for NHS charities directly, with two very special projects. The first is a 1974 Reliant Rebel van that came PC’s way after former Technical editor, Fuzz Townshend, put owner Graham Catchpole in touch. Graham’s impending house move had moved him to offer the rare Reliant to Car S.O.S. for potential completion with proceeds going to two NHS Hospitals, Papworth and Gloucester, which have personal connections with Graham’s family. With a full series of S.O.S. projects, Fuzz thought of PC and the magazine stepped up. The chassis…

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nhs rover in 4 pictures

The 1961 Rover 80 emerges from its place of slumber since 1993. It hasn’t been on the road for over three decades and was a project when it was put away. Stepehen Miller and his sister Sandra bid farewell to the car, safe in the knowledge that father Peter’s wishes were being adhered to, to the letter. With terminally rotten A-pillars and bulkhead, the Rover’s future is almsot certainly as a useful source of parts for other P4s, so that they might live on. Ready for delivery from the Practical Classics workshop as £500 goes straight to NHS Charities. Richard Hedger is the new owner. NEXT! GRP body for the Reliant Rebel. Needs repair work and then paint. If you think you could do it, email…

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starting handle

Heritage is in trouble. Museums, venues, event organisers and specialists are suffering, and with them, so are the economic microclimates that rely on their footfall. Preservation groups and clubs are also finding things hard, even big organisations are feeling the squeeze and, with no big shows or communal activities planned until autumn, this doesn’t look like it is going to change soon. When you hear of big hitters such as the National Trust asking for help, an absence of Goodwood’s Revival being a ‘test’ for the circuit, Beaulieu cancelling the International Autojumble and museums only just being allowed to open on a limited basis, you know things are serious. Smaller, volunteer-run, museums, and heritage railways in particular, are facing dark times indeed. ‘Volunteer-run museums are facing dark times’ Without activity and our money…

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silicone brake fluid

£49.50 (1 litre) Seized or corroded brake components are more than just a nuisance; they can pose a very real danger if they go undetected. One of the most common causes of corrosion in the braking system is due to moisture from the air being absorbed by standard DOT 4 polyglycol brake fluid. Absorbed moisture also lowers the boiling point of brake fluid and can cause brake loss under heavy use. DOT 5 silicone brake fluid repels moisture and so, unlike DOT 4, it never needs changing. It’s 260ºC boiling point remains consistent throughout its life and it will not damage paintwork if spilled. Perfect for a ‘virgin system’, but it’s important to flush out all traces of DOT 4 fluid if changing from one to another.…

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good news, bad news

The Goodwood Festival of Speed, Revival and the Beaulieu International Autojumble have gone the way of so many classic car shows this summer and has been cancelled. The Autojumble, which is sponsored by PC and scheduled for Sept 5-6, 2020 was called off in late June. The news came just days before the government announced that museums and heritage venues would be allowed to reopen from July 4. It also came after the London Concours, first major classic car show since lockdown, was given the go ahead on August 19-20. The Concours was granted approval by its venue, the Honourable Artillary Company, on June 8 with plans in place to enable physical distancing guidelines. The more crowded nature of both the Revival and autojumble with notorious ‘pinch-points’ such as the…