Practical Classics March 2021

Practical Classics magazine has a 30-year tradition of delivering the very best, hands-on classic car experiences to its readers. Every staff writer and contributor works on and restores their own classics. Each issue is packed with: * Rigorous buying advice * Real-world product tests * Inspirational classic driving features * Fascinating historical insight Practical Classics is also a campaigning title, taking the concerns of classic car owners to Parliament and keeping its readers' classics where they belong - on the road. So come and join PC in the workshop - the kettle's on.

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welcome to the workshop

Design. Art with a function. On a motor car, styling is the first thing you see and often, the main thing you remember. It is hugely important and, when manufacturers get it wrong, it can cost millions. Which is one reason why design ‘fails’ are memorable these days, because they are so obvious, so rare and so crucial to success. Focus groups and digital technology have built in a fail safe – which means that daring eccentricity has almost ceased to be an option. This is a shame. It has made the world a more boring place. In this issue we are celebrating those cars that refused to be normal. Cars that some see as being ugly. Quirky designs that function perfectly well, but that have boldly driven away from the…

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the maltese collection

All you need to know about everything important More than twenty rare classics have seen daylight for the first time in almost two decades, thanks to a PC reader in Malta. A local resident and classic enthusiast, Marcus Harrison’s jaw dropped when a friend unexpectedly revealed the two-storey garage filled with dusty cars, amassed by Gerald Zammit and his family. From Sixties exotica such as a Facel Vega III, Austin Sheerline A125 Limo and Lancia Fulvia S1, the collection also includes classics from the Seventies and Eighties, including a Ferrari 208, early Range Rover and the 1977 Lancia Gamma, seen here being rescued. Marcus says he was surprised to learn of his friend’s stash. ‘These vehicles are the result of a shared passion for classics between Gerald, his brother Julian and their late…

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the stash in 5 pics

Gerald’s dad drove his ’62 Silver Cloud home to Malta from RR’s Sloane Square showroom... via Sweden. One of just 395 made, this 1974 Bitter CD is an early example of the Chevy V8-engined German supercar. Gerald’s dad was a Jaguar fan in the Sixties but had a thing for Mercs too, including this 1965 280SL ‘Pagoda’. One of a handful of modern classics unearthed, this E34 BMW 5-Series was gathering dust in the garage. Trips to Scandinavia led to the purchase of the only Volvo in the collection. It’s a stunning 1962 121 ‘Amazon’.…

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starting handle

A couple of issues ago, we ran a story about so-called ‘Smart Motorways’ and the dangers that they present to anyone who breaks down on one. Well, over the festive break, that ‘anyone’ was me. I’d just returned my Multipla to the road – new MOT, fresh service, all good. I was accelerating onto the ‘smart’ A14 south of Huntingdon when it lost all power; luckily, I had enough speed to coast to a refuge. Refuge areas are every 1.5 miles on smart motorways and have an emergency roadside phone. It was quiet, my ‘coast’ was textbook and the AA was prompt. I’d over-filled the Fiat with oil, so the engine management had cut power as I gave it the beans. By the time the AA arrived, a cooler engine meant that…

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criminals turn to scamming

Victims of classic car theft are being warned to be extra-vigilant as a result of a new scam in which criminals are asking for money from owners by claiming to know where their stolen cars are. The new scam came to light after PC contributor Craig Cheetham had both his Rover R8 and Volvo 760 Turbo stolen over the weekend of November 21-22, 2020, in a targeted crime that had seen the CCTV cameras they were parked next to vandalised a few days earlier. Craig’s appeal to find the Rover and Volvo was shared more than 2000 times on social media, which led to him receiving a message on Instagram from a scammer. The individual claimed to know the location of the cars, but would only divulge their location in return…

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this month we love...

Floor standing sheet metal folder £395.94 This 910mm floor standing sheet metal folder has already proved its worth in the PC workshop and is ideal for making repair sections for classic car body repairs. Suitable for folding up to 22 gauge sheet steel, it should be beefy enough for most applications while being small enough (with the support brace removed and base folded) to stack out of the way when not in use. Boasting a lifetime guarantee, it’s a tool that will prove useful for many years to come. Part no: DF910.…