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Pro Photo V70 #7

ProPhoto magazine is the professional photographer's trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies. Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.

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ignoring history

Photokina is a time to immerse yourself in all things photographic. Beyond the exhibition halls of the Köln Messe complex there’s an extensive program of exhibitions and seminars staged around Cologne which, every other September, becomes photography central. However, all across Europe – and pretty well all of the time in any given year – photography is a key element of most cultural or art programs. So, for example, you really can’t move in Paris without encountering an exhibition of photography and every bookshop, even the tiny ones, have a decent selection of photography books. It’s the same in Berlin, Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Even the Italians – who can be forgiven for an interest in more ancient art – appear to be reasonably well educated about photography. On the very day…

5 min.
photokina 2014: video stars

If you add up all the pre-releases and deluge of new products from Leica on the first day, this year’s Photokina should have been as exciting as any other, yet the ‘fizz’ was definitely absent. It could be something to do with the flat-lining of camera sales right now which goes well beyond the impact of the smartphone because it’s not just the point-and-shoot sector that’s suffering. In fact, the P&S camera is now pretty well extinct, but everybody is working hard to generate some excitement in the other categories… especially the high-end compacts with fixed lenses and the mirrorless models. Ricoh is even having a go at jazzing up the D-SLR with the LED-festooned Pentax K-S1. Still, Photokina 2014 didn’t feel like a party. OK, so nobody puts on…

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make a date

Current to 26 October: Exhibition. Arcadia: Sound Of The Sea. Photographs by John Witzig, co-founder of Tracks magazine and founder of SeaNotes, huge ink drawings by Nicholas Harding and psychedelic film footage by Albert Falzon. At the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), King Edward Terrace, Parkes, ACT 2600. Gallery hours are 10.00am to 5.00pm daily. For more information telephone (02) 6102 7000 or visit www.portrait.gov.au Current to 27 October: Exhibition. 2013 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year. A total of 100 images from the world’s largest wildlife and natural history photo competition which, last year, attracted 43,000 entries from 96 countries. At the Queen Victoria Museum And Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania. Current to 23 November: Exhibition. Macquarie Digital Portraiture Award. Winner and selected finalists. At the National Portrait Gallery (NPG), King Edward Terrace, Parkes,…

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hasselblad launches open system h5x

Compared to the hoopla that surrounded the launch of the controversial Lunar system at Photokina 2012, Hasselblad had a much quieter show this year. And with the chief architect of the tie-up with Sony (which has so far yielded Lunar, Stellar and HV) now departed, there’s a noticeable return to the marque’s traditional products. This started with the CFV-50c CMOS-based digital back for the classic V System camera bodies (i.e. 500 and 2000 series) and continues with the H5X which allows for either film magazines or digital capture backs to be fitted… and this includes the backs from other manufacturers. Apparently there was an H4X, but we’re not sure anybody actually knew about it while the H5X incorporates all the latest-generation upgrades introduced in the H5D series, including the improved ‘TrueFocus’…

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photokina 2014: panasonic promotes 4k video… and stills!

Panasonic continues to exhibit an uncanny knack of understanding the photography market, as evidenced by its two main announcements at Photokina 2014; the Lumix GM5 and the LX100. The GM5 takes everything that’s good about the pocket-sized GM1 and adds an EVF (capable of reproducing 100 percent of the Adobe RGB colour space) and a hotshoe (plus a bundled compact flash unit) to give it more enthusiast-level appeal. The GM5 has a 16 MP (effective) sensor with a maximum sensitivity of ISO 25,600 and it can motor along at up to 5.8 fps… all this in something that snuggles in the palm of your hand. It’s priced at $1099 with a sub-compact 12-32mm zoom (24-64mm equivalent). Arguably more interesting though, is the LX100 which is a fixed lens compact with a Four…

4 min.
photokina 2014: leica steals the show

After all the effort that went into its 100th anniversary celebrations and the opening of its new factory in Wetzlar back in May, Leica could have been forgiven for taking things easy at Photokina. Instead it launched the most extensive range of new products we’ve ever seen from the famous ‘red dot’ marque. Count ’em… S (Typ 007), S-E, (Typ 006), M-A (Typ 127), X (Typ 113), X-E (Typ 102), D-Lux (Typ 109), V-Lux (Typ 114), M Edition 60, a new range of Summarit-M lenses (35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm), a 100mm f2.0 lens for the S System and the two addition lenses for the T System (11-23mm and 55-135mm) that were promised back at the camera’s launch. OK, so let’s sort out this little lot. Firstly, Leica has dropped consecutive…