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Pro Photo V70 #8

ProPhoto magazine is the professional photographer's trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies. Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.

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who are we… and what do we do?

Trawling through the archives to create our snapshots of this magazine 25, 35 or 45 years ago can be very revealing. It’s evident that a whole lot has changed – anything to do with hardware obviously – but quite a few things haven’t… particularly aspects of the way the professional photography industry operates within the wider spheres of society, industry and the general media. Something really caught my eye in the November-December 1969 issue of the magazine which was then called Professional Photography In Australia. It was part of a report on the annual convention of the Institute Of Australian Photographers (IAP, now AIPP) which had recently been held in Canberra. There were, in fact, two items which seem strangely pertinent to where the industry is now, 45 years on. The…

2 min.
sigma designs one lens in two versions

Even the company calls it a “crazy design”, but people are starting to get used to Sigma’s fixed-lens Quattro cameras, and the first model in the line-up – the dp2 – even won the Best Design category in this year’s TIPA Awards. The new dp1 model uses exactly the same distinctively-shaped all-metal bodyshell as the dp2, but has a 19mm f2.8 lens which is equivalent to 28mm instead of a 30mm f2.8 (45mm equivalent). The yet-to-be-launched dp3 will complete the trio with a 50mm (75mm equivalent) short telephoto lens. The big deal with these cameras is their unique Foveon ‘Direct Image’ triple-layered sensors. The green-sensitive middle and red-sensitive bottom layers each have 4.9 megapixels resolution and capture only colour information. The top, blue-sensitive layer captures both colour and luminance information and…

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olympus upgrades the om-d e-m1

Olympus is actually calling this a “relaunch” of the hot-selling OM-D flagship so a new body colour, silver, is only part of the story. Additional features – which will also be in the black versions from now on – include a capacity for tethered shooting (Mac and Windows), digital perspective control (a.k.a. ‘Keystone Compensation’), a ‘Live Composite’ for building up long exposures from multiple frames, and two new ‘Art Filter’ effects called Partial Colour and Vintage (plus a new Art Effect called Shade). All this is embodied in firmware upgrade Version 2.0 which will be available for updating existing black E-M1 bodies. Along with the silver E-M1 comes the second M.Zuiko PRO lens which is a constant aperture f2.8 40-150mm telezoom. This focal is equivalent to 80-300mm on the MFT format…

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zeiss unveils lens series for sony fe

In addition to new Loxia Series primes for Sony’s FE mount cameras (i.e. the Alpha 7 models), Zeiss has also introduced a new ultra-fast Otus Series model and a new M mount lens. The Loxia models – a 35mm f2.0 and a 50mm f2.0 – feature similar external designs which, like the Otus lenses, are more contemporary looking, but manual focusing and a traditional aperture collar are retained. Both are comparatively compact designs – being just over 65 mm in length – and have a ‘DeClick’ feature which allows the aperture rings to be operated continuously when shooting video. The new Otus Series lens is an 85mm f1.4 which is similarly styled to the existing 55mm f1.4 model. According to Zeiss, “The optical correction of the Otus 1.4/85 completely eliminates almost…

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sandisk boosts sd card capacity to 512 gb

With the demands of 4K video in mind, SanDisk has introduced the largest capacity SD format memory card currently available. The new SDXC SanDisk Extreme PRO device has a storage capacity of 512 GB and USB Speed Class 3 (U3) recording which is a requirement for smooth 4K video. The card has a maximum write speed of 90 MB/ second. Obviously, in addition to 4K video, this new card is suited to recording Full HD video and also rapid-fire photography sequences at very high resolutions. Interestingly, SanDisk notes that it introduced its first 512 MB memory card in 2003 so the new 512 GB device represents a 1000-fold increase in capacity which has been achieved in just over a decade. The 512 GB Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I card is priced at…

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canon updates popular telezoom

Canon has introduced a second-generation version of its popular EF 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L IS USM telephoto zoom. The new lens has a completely redesigned optical construction, upgraded image stabilisation and a revised zooming mechanism which switches from a linear action to a rotary one (which is adjustable for torque). The optical image stabiliser now provides up to four stops of correction for camera shake and has three operating modes (for panning, etc). The new ‘II’ version has a weather-proofed barrel while fluorine coatings are used on the front and rear lens surfaces to help repel dust and grease. The optical construction comprises 21 elements in 16 groups (compared to the previous model’s 17 elements in 14 groups). This includes one fluorite element and one made from ‘Super UD’ (ultra-low dispersion) glass to…