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Pro Photo V73 Issue 4

ProPhoto magazine is the professional photographer's trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies. Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.

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invest in change

As you can read in this issue’s news section, yet another famous photographic brand has bitten the dust. Bowens, the British maker of studio flash – indeed, the pioneer of the flash monobloc – has ceased operations after nearly 95 years in business. Bowens can be added to a list of digital-era casualties that includes Konica, Minolta, Bronica, Contax, Rollei, Yashica and, to all intents and purposes, Mamiya. Of course, the originals of Agfa, Kodak and Polaroid are also gone, even if the branding is still being used. The digital technologies have wrought wholesale change on pretty well every sphere of the photographic industry, and are much more far-reaching than those who originally pursued the idea of “filmless photography” could ever envisage. Change is on-going and, in recent times, it’s been particularly…

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more six from canon

The EOS 6D has lived in the shadow of its various 5D siblings despite offering a lot of the same attractions for a lot less money. After five years, we were starting to think Canon might have forgotten about it. The good news is that there’s now an EOS 6D Mark II, which is again designed to be Canon’s most affordable full-35mm D-SLR. But it boasts a lot of significant improvements so it’s not quite as pared-back as its predecessor. The weather-sealed GRP-and-alloy bodyshell remains much the same as before in terms of size and styling, but the 7.62 cm LCD monitor screen is now adjustable for tilt and swing (actually a first on a full-35mm format Canon D-SLR). It has a resolution of 1.04 megadots and offers touch controls. The…

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lee launches new nd filter line

British company Lee Filters has launched a new range of high-quality neutral density filters. Two years in development, the ProGlass IRND filters were originally designed for cinematography and, claims Lee, have already been acknowledged as “the best neutral-density filters on the market”. For still photographers, the ProGlass IRND filters are now available in Lee’s Seven5, 100mm and SW150 systems. Advances in coating technology mean that the filters – which are manufactured from 2.0 mm thick optically-flat glass – are available in strengths of two (0.6ND), three (0.9ND), four (1.2ND) and six (1.8ND) stops, plus in ultra-long ten (3ND) and 15-stop (4.5ND) versions. All the filters in the range are designed to be free of colour casts and with accurate stop values to ensure consistency in all shooting conditions and allow for precision…

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nikon launches first af-p series lens for fx d-slrs

Nikon is continuing its busy program of D-SLR lenses upgrades, introducing a new AF-P version of its 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 telezoom for full-35mm (a.k.a. ‘FX’ format) D-SLRs. This is the first AF-P type lens – which uses a pulsed stepping motor for autofocusing – for the FX format bodies, and follows the ‘DX’ model (for Nikon’s ‘APS-C’ format D-SLRs) which was launched in 2016. The new AF-P Nikkor 70-300mm f4.5-5.6E ED VR model offers a number of improvements over the previous FX format model, including a revised optical design, better image stabilisation and a reduced minimum focusing distance. Nikon is adopting the stepping motor not just for improved AF speed, but for the significant reduction in operating noise, which is advantageous when shooting video. An additional advantage is a reduction in weight…

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2018 pink lady ® food photo comp open for entries

After a record crop of entries for the 2017 competition, the 2018 Pink Lady ® Food Photographer Of The Year awards are now open for entries. There are some new categories and new judges, including Ferran Adria, iconic chef of the oft-voted world’s best restaurant, El Bulli in Spain. The Pink Lady Food Photographer Of The Year awards have had an illustrious and evolving panel since its first year. The range of skills and expertise is extensive, from great photographers, creative directors, food retailers using the finest photography, photography gallery owners and chefs. Past judges have included Antonio Carluccio, Martin Parr, Yotam Ottolenghi, Chris Beetles, Jay Rayner and Donna Hay. This year, for the first time, David Loftus – best known for his photography for Jamie Oliver – will be the…

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keep your eyes on your drone

Photographers know Epson best for its inkjet printers, but the company has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies (including making EVF screens). One of the more interesting non-printer Epson products is its Moverio high-definition ‘smart glasses’ which are gradually finding a range of applications in industry, science and tourism. The latest generation Moverio BT-300 model has recently been introduced and is more compact, lighter weight and more sophisticated. Unlike conventional VR goggles, the Moverio glasses are transparent, so you’re still in touch with the real world while displays are being generated on the inside of the lenses. Epson is calling them “augmented reality” smart glasses. Our interest in the Moverio smart glasses is their usefulness for flying a camera drone where there’s a legal requirement in Australia that the…