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Pro Photo V74 issue 5

ProPhoto magazine is the professional photographer's trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies. Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.

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z gets an a

NOW THAT NIKON HAS REVEALED ITS hand with its full-35mm format mirrorless camera system, it’s hard not to think about where it could have been if it had done it all a bit earlier. Like, for example, back in January 2016 when it made a big fuss about launching the D5 pro-level D-SLR at that year’s CES in Las Vegas. As I noted at the time, this was undoubtedly a missed golden opportunity to unveil something truly new, but clearly Nikon wasn’t ready… although the Z System would have undoubtedly been in development at the time. Getting close to three years down the track from the start of 2016, we’d have all the promised Z mount lenses (and probably a few more) and Nikon would be giving Sony a helluva a…

5 min.
nikon launches two ff mirrorless bodies plus three lenses…

The wait is over as Nikon has pulled the wraps off its all-new full-35mm format mirror-less camera system. As earlier rumours suggested, it’s based around a new lens mount called the Z mount and the first two camera bodies are designated Z 7 and Z 6 (yes, there’s officially a space between the letter and the number). The Z 7 is a pro-level camera – and, in many ways, a mirrorless version of the D850, but significantly more compact and lighter weight – while the Z 6 is very similar externally, but has a lower-res sensor and is quite a bit cheaper. Three Nikkor Z ‘S Line’ lenses are available virtually straightaway – a 24-70mm f4.0 zoom, a 50mm f1.8 standard prime and a 35mm f1.8 wide-angle. A further nine Nikkor…

2 min.
compact ultra-wide zoom from tamron

The ever-busy Tamron has announced yet another new lens for Canon and Nikon full-35mm D-SLRs. This time it’s an ultra-wide zoom in the shape of a 17-35mm f2.8-4.0 Di OSD which is due to launch right now in the Nikon mount with the Canon EF version following “at a later date”. Tamron says its new 17-35mm (designated Model A037) is currently the smallest and lightest lens in its class, weighing 460 grams (in both mounts) and measuring just 90 millimetres (Nikon). Tamron also says it represents a new line of ultra-wide zooms – compared to the existing SP 15-30mm f2.8 model – with an emphasis on optimum portability and increased affordability. The external construction is weather sealed which is complemented by a fluorine coating on the exposed surface of the front…

1 min.
prophoto 40 years ago

There’s nothing like a dip into the archives to reveal just how much things have changed in the imaging industry, especially over the last couple of decades. In the late 1970s colour film had finally been accepted and the makers of 35mm SLR cameras were trying to break into the commercial photography market. Here’s a selection of what was on the pages of this magazine 40 years ago when it was called Professional Photography In Australia. This is a snapshot of the September/October 1978 issue. TEST REPORT / Canon A-1 35mm SLR PEOPLE AND PLACES / John Bolton, Melbourne / Attila Kiraly’s 1973 solo crossing of the Gibson and Simpson Deserts / Nancy Fritz Holden, AV Centre at the University Of New England, NSW / Roger Hayne and the Photography Studies College (PSC),…

3 min.
phase one hits 150 megapixels!

Phase One has launched its next generation of medium format digital capture backs which are designated IQ4 and includes models with a massive 150 megapixels of resolution. Phase One is also introducing the concept of the ‘Infinity Platform’ which incorporates the core of its Capture One image processing into the IQ4 backs themselves. The ‘Capture One Inside’ arrangement delivers enhanced RAW file workflow management with editing and processing functions now controlled within the capture back. Importantly, the Infinity Platform provides more scope for upgrading and adaption in the future to help address the issue of maintaining the future value of substantial initial investments in the hardware. Phase One says this will also allow it to “… grow the IQ4, adapting and expanding incrementally to match the pace of technology”. The new IQ4…

1 min.
more power on the go from jupio

Juggling battery charging can be a challenge especially if you’re away from mains power for any length of time. Having plenty of spares is a start, but how do you keep them all topped up and ready to go? Replacement battery expert Jupio has a handy solution in its USB Duo Charger kit which includes two spare battery packs with a compact USB dual charger. This obviously allows you to recharge a pair of battery packs via a laptop or power bank (or your home PC back at base) via a fully controlled charging process. The Jupio twin battery kit is available for a range of popular D-SLR and mirrorless camera rechargeable lithium-ion packs including Canon’s LP-E6, Sony’s NP-FZ100 and NP-FW50, Nikon’s EN-EL14/14A and EB-EL15, Fujifilm’s NP-W126S, Olympus’s PS-BLN1 and Panasonic’s…