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Professional Photography October 2016

Each issue celebrates world-leading professionals and their images through in-depth interviews and extensive photographic portfolios. With 4 issues in a 1 year subscription, you can enjoy inspirational galleries from established and emerging names in photography – as well as keeping up with news and reviews of the latest pro kit, exhibitions and books.

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letter from the editor

There are more students studying photography than ever before, according to UCAS: the future of our industry in the making. That doesn’t mean to say that there are more people becoming professional photographers, but that there are more people interested in and getting educated about photography and cinematics: they may go on to be picture editors, retouchers, videographers, graders, master printers, art directors... but it’s still a figure that we can’t ignore here at Professional Photography. In recognition of the fact that professional photographers are partly made up of those transitioning to pro, we’ve dedicated this issue to the subject. These days, with Insta fame and reality TV stars setting a precedent for fast-track fame, it’s easy to slip into the expectation that success comes quickly and easily for everyone. So to…

2 min.
this month’s featured pros

ALBERT WATSON PAGE 16 As Albert Watson prepares for the St Mortiz Masters Show, he pauses to look back on the clean and graphic photographs he’s become famous for. JACK LATHAM PAGE 52 The Brighton-based photographer talks us through his latest photobook, documenting a story of questionable murder convictions in Iceland. TERRY O’NEILL PAGE 30 The British icon reveals how he first got into photography in the 1960s, going from working for an airline to shooting Brigitte Bardot. LEIGH KEILY PAGE 12 The London-based Australian who photographed Prince William for the cover of gay magazine Attitudetells the story of this history-making shoot. ALEX WEBB PAGE 40 The Magnum photographer shares what he learned in his first year, and his dos and don’ts for aspiring professional photographers today. JASON BELL PAGE 44 The award-winning photographer explains why the idea is king, and why it’s so important to research…

3 min.
what it really takes to be a professional

In an industry that prides itself on being professional, we have entered the most unprofessional territory. There are more people qualifying as photographers than ever before, and yet as far as I have observed we have the lowest standards, and even lower desire. People ask me whether their child should become a photographer. I always say no. I recently listened to a wonderfully articulate interview with American portrait photographer Greg Heisler. He said that too many people get into photography for the wrong reasons; to be ringside, to be rich, to be famous, to travel or to get laid. But when those things don’t transpire (which of course they mostly won’t), as photography was not your passion, you have nothing left. You should be a photographer because you love to take photographs. It…

1 min.
story _ behind _ ewen _ spencer

THIS PICTURE was taken at Notting Hill Carnival 2015, opposite the main entrance to Trellick Tower. This group of friends and some others were just taking time out at the end of a busy weekend. “I’ve maintained friendships with the people in the picture and worked with most of them various since on projects.”Ewen Spencer I wanted to go out into the carnival to see who was in attendance and also figure out how best to capture the people, styles and environment combined. I wasn’t waiting long. I was moving around all weekend and kept meeting different groups. This group happened to be particularly good and the setting was just right. I directed a few of the people in the picture a tiny amount and left everyone else to their own devices.…

5 min.
“no shirts off, nothing like that!”

In May, Leigh Keily made history when he photographed the first member of the Royal Family to appear on the cover of an LGBT publication. His shot of His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge alongside a quote from the Prince that, ‘No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason’ drew the world’s attention in a year when 49 were killed and 53 injured in a shooting at a gay nightclub attack in Florida. “For someone of his name and stature to put his face on the cover of a gay magazine is saying, ‘I stand with this minority group’,” says Keily. “It shows that as a straight guy, you can support the gay community. There is still a lot of homophobia and bullying going on,…

11 min.
stick toyour guns.

“I stuck to my guns. And why not?” asks Albert Watson. Born blind in one eye, the 74-year-old Scottish photographer is world-famous for his art, fashion, landscape and commercial photography, including 100 Vogue covers and 40 for Rolling Stone. “I had a big love of photography; I enjoyed them all, so I did them all,” he explains. As he finishes his preparations for the St Mortiz Masters Show, he pauses to look back on the clean and graphic photographs that have made him a modern-day icon. How did you arrive at your clean and graphic style? “I was trained for four years as a graphic designer and then I went to the Royal College of Art for three years of film school. So if you look at the work, it’s simply divided…