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Project Calm Issue 8

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Project Calm is a brand new quarterly magazine filled with quality writing, beautiful photography and new ideas to try, all with the aim of helping you achieve mindfulness through making. Every issue is packed with gorgeous projects, ideas, people and great stories and interviews to read. You will discover how to enjoy mindful moments every day, learn about new crafts, trends and relaxation therapies, as well as inspiring travel and adventure ideas. Plus, we’ve created an original collection of templates, posters, stickers and bookmarks for you to enjoy making your own.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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There’s something in the air - dare we say spring? - with all the evocative fresh scents the season ushers in. Those notes of blossom and cut grass take us straight back to last year’s sunshine and a carefree outlook. Yes, it’s amazing what an olfactory cue can do for the mood. Join us as we investigate scent, memory and natural perfumes starting on page 36. ‘Spring’ was also the theme of our short story competitor with Ad Hoc Fiction, and we’ve printed the winning entries here. Flick to page 28 and be inspired by fellow readers’ impressions of the word, in all its wonderful, varied meanings. Perhaps you’ll be encouraged to try a bit of flash fiction yourself. As discussed in our ‘Claiming your creativity’ feature on page 56, it’s…

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nature news

1 HOORAY FOR HORTICULTURE GROW London is an inspiring day out bursting with ideas on how to transform your outside space, no matter how large or small – from large gardens to city dwellings with a window box or two. Described as a “horticultural hipsterville” by James Wong, GROW London has firmly established itself as the go-to destination for those seeking contemporary style for their outside space. Hundreds of exhibitors will be offering an unrivalled selection of contemporary and classic garden furniture, rare and hard-to-find plants and flowers from some of the country’s finest nurseries, and a tempting edit of fine garden sculpture, covetable pots, planters, accessories and tools, as well as consultations with experts from the Society of Garden Designers. GROW London, 20-24 June, Olympia, from £8. 2 DISCOVER HIDDEN URBAN…

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cultivating compassion

There’s something about a garden that’s unlike any other environment. For many, the garden is a place to come home to oneself – with our hands tucked into living soil, we breathe in the scent of rosemary and mint, and we know who we are. The garden, whether a place for edibles or flowers or cactus, connects us to our physical self, our compassionate heart and our infinite soul. It is art, food and relationship with literally billions of beings. In the middle of this simple yet complex dance, we enter into mindful presence. We are here and now, this breath, this taste of fresh green leaf. Our hearts need green and growing things to feel strong and healthy, not just in terms of eating your greens, but in growing…

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two garden meditations

1 The following meditation explores your own energetic roots. Sit in a place where you will not be disturbed. Outside is best, but not necessary. Close your eyes and feel your sitting bones press into the ground. Notice how the ground presses back. Now reach your awareness past this connection, sensing into the space below you. Reach your awareness down until you enter the soil. Feel any change in your body as you connect your energy into the Earth. In your mind’s eye, imagine the Tree of Life, a tree with branches reaching upwards balanced by roots reaching down. Impose this image over yourself until you become it. Your body is the trunk, your energetic branches reach into the energy space around and above your head, and the energy you reach…

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making it real

Plants seem to feature prominently in your work – would you call yourself a plant lady? Yes, definitely. I particularly like tropical leaves, cactuses and leafy house plants, and I’m not as attracted to flowers as I am to leaves. I simply love the shapes. I have family ties to Mexico, and I really enjoy seeing all the lush foliage over there, in all their different shades of green. Where does your love of paper stem from? Paper comes in such lovely colours and textures. I also like making work that has a physical presence. As much as I enjoy the convenience and variety of digital artwork, there’s something about having a physical product that I really like. I also like work that you can see through, or that has space in it. What…

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mini garden

TAP HERE FOR YOUR PRINTABLE TEMPLATES & PLANTS Create a little calm oasis with your own pristine greenhouse and foliage. Keep it on your desk to remind you to lovingly cultivate your own plants, whether herbs on a sunny windowsill or a vegetable patch outside, and in the metaphoric sense too, of nurturing yourself and others, and allowing yourself to bloom and grow. You will need: A metal ruler, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, cutting mat, all-purpose crafts glue, tweezers (optional) and bone folder (optional). Step 1 Print the pages of greenhouse and plant templates onto thin card, and cut out the roof and two side/end pieces. Using a metal ruler and the blade of a pair of scissors, or a sharp craft knife, carefully score along all the fold lines. Don’t forget…