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100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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As you will no doubt know by now, the Triumph attempt to break the motorcycle Land Speed Record with Guy Martin at the helm of the Triumph Infor Rocket streamliner has had to be postponed.As we told you in the last issue, the team had already set a new Land Speed Record for the fastest ever Triumph and were confident of a damn good crack at the overall speed record of 376.8mph. However, after several days of testing, inspections of the track at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah showed that, while conditions had improved, it was still impossible to create the constancy required across the eleven mile course that the streamliner would need for the LSR attempt. However, Triumph is determined to return when the salt is deemed safe enough…

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victory gets lean and mean for 2017

Victory GunnerVictory JudgeVictory OctaneOn the face of it, the Victory range is staying very much the same with the exception of some new colours—or should I say, what’s left of the Victory range. Because, as far as Europe is concerned, Victory is making a large number of its models obsolete. In what the company calls the EMEA area—Europe, the Middle East and Africa—it will no longer be selling the Vegas, Hammer, Cross Country, Magnum, Magnum X1, Cross Country Tour and Vision. That’s a substantial proportion of its range, so why has Victory come to this decision?Part of the reason is likely to be the new Euro 4 emission regulations which are coming into force next January and are considerably stricter than the current Euro 3 laws that have been in…

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all new biker products

OFF TO THE RACES COFFEE MAKERWe don’t know who it was who sat at their desk one day and thought “Would it be clever to put a coffee machine in a motorcycle helmet?” but we want their job. Not only did they have the idea, they then found someone who was prepared to actually make the thing. Yes, exclusively from www.hammacher.com, this helmet will brew you from one to eight cups of ‘high octane fuel’ while, just to be really annoying, it also says “Start your engines” to the sound of an engine. If you want to hide the coffee pot, the tinted visor flips down. It’s either genius or idiocy and we’ve not yet decided which.SDOC100 CLEAN BOBFrom Sdoc100 comes an idea so incredibly simple that you wonder why…

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The place that he’d visited in search of said component was Rocket Bobs Cycle Works of Swindon, and that such a relatively simple request morphed into an entire project says a lot about how impressed Steve was with the workshop. Steve was happy to hand the mission over to Pete Pearson of Rocket Bobs, confident in the knowledge that his vision of a retro-flavoured Harley chop would be fulfilled.Amongst the main elements of the bike that Steve already had but needed tying together was a fully rebuilt V-twin lump, put together by highly regarded spannerman, Dave Francis. Based in Southport—not too far from Steve’s home in Lancashire—Dave has long been the ‘go-to’ man in the North-West (and indeed, beyond the region’s confines) for anything and everything to do with Harley-Davidson…

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stormin the castle

MDM@FLAT-OUT.COMLast year, after pointing out why Stormin’ the Castle is probably my most favoured rally of the year, I suggested that I would see you all at Witton Castle for the twenty-sixth running of the event. So, why weren’t you all there?Lots of you were, but not all of you. I’m disappointed... But, to tell the truth, and at risk of hurting your feelings, not really all that disappointed as, once again, I had a superb weekend at Witton Castle. Therefore if you missed out then, that’s your problem... Of course, I wasn’t the only one having fun. Each year it seems that people come from further afield for the last big MAG do of the season, and each year there’s a greater variety of accents than the local north-eastern…

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biker gear

DMD ROCKET £299.99It’s only when you see old photographs or racing footage that you realise just how much helmet technology and styling has changed in the last half century. DMD is an Italian manufacturer with a reputation for striking designs and outlandish colour schemes as well as retro looks, like this Rocket, based on the instantly recognisable 1970s shell design. However, while it may look like it was made back in the day, the Rocket has up-to-date safety features with a carbon Kevlar shell, removable and washable liner, padded chin strap and is ECE-approved, unlike the helmets of yore. See your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer or visit www.motorcyclestorehouse.nl.CABERG STUNT £139.99The Caberg range is noted for both quality and its reasonable pricing and the Stunt upholds both those. It has adjustable…