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100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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Just for the record, I like technology. I may not always understand it but I generally believe it to be a good thing (unless it’s those self-service tills in supermarkets which I’m not allowed to use because (a) they always go wrong under my watch and it takes far longer than queuing up, and (b) no-one—except me—believes that I won’t try and fiddle the system and scan items in at a cheaper price). But the increasing amount of ‘safety features’ being built into modern motorcycles does give me cause of concern on two levels. Firstly, the introduction of any feature to which the epithet ‘safety’ is attached has the propensity and, indeed, likelihood to become an obligatory part of the motorcycle by law, given the passage of time. For example, ABS,…

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the death of motus

Motus may not be a familiar name to you, but it produced America’s fastest pushrod-engined motorcycle, powered by an engine that was essentially half a small block V8 motor, inspired by the classic Chevrolet engine and developed with race car manufacturer Pratt & Miller. The Motus V4 ‘Baby Block’ was more or less a downsized Corvette GT1 engine with the same 90-degree setup. The latest version of the 1650cc power plant produced 180hp and 126 lb-ft of torque, fitted into a bike that also sported all matter of top quality parts, including Brembo monoblock calipers, Ohlins suspension, Galfer brake lines and Akrapovic carbon exhausts. The firm was working on a new streetfighter model when the announcement it was closing came last month and it appears to have been as much of…

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letting off steam

Now Lewistown is the sort of quiet place where you make your own entertainment and Mr Barnes’ chosen hobby is Stanley Steamers. He bought his first Stanley Steamer at the age of 19 and has owned half a dozen since then. In 2014 he set a LSR for a steam-powered motorcycle, breaking a record that had stood since 1899 when a pacemaker for a bicycle race recorded 45.56mph. However, the timer was actually set for the bicycle behind, not the Stearns steam motorcycle setting the pace, and so it was steam pioneer Sylvester Roper’s speed of 40mph three years before which was generally accepted as the official record. No-one had really attempted to break the record since, more out of common sense and a respect for their health than anything. Then…

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david pearce—a fine man

Congratulations to David Pearce who has just been awarded the British Empire Medal. As well as donating money and Easter eggs to the likes of Macmillan Cancer Support, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House, David is a rider, fundraiser, secretary and trustee of the Midland Freewheelers Blood Bikes charity, which, as you know, delivers blood, organs, x-rays and medicine to NHS hospitals, all on a voluntary basis. Presenting him with the medal, Lord-Lieutenant John Crabtree said of David; “[He] has shown dedicated community spirit for many years and has preserved some outstanding heritage around West Bromwich. The world is a better place with people like David.” Here, here, we say. If you know Mr Pearce or should happen to come across him on your travels, buy him a huge bun.…

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race to the finnish

The motor has a computational peak output of 50 kW and a torque of 320 Nm, but what you really need to know is that it has a top speed of 100mph and has an operating range of 125-185 miles, depending on the battery. The E2 will be available with a basic battery capable of 125 miles while a more expensive model will give you an increased range. A full charge will take around two to three hours. The entire bike is RMK’s design, including the hubless electric motor, while the frame is all aluminium and the orange cables you can see are, in the same fashion as on the Yamaha Motoroid concept bike, what transfers the power generated by the motor to the rear wheel. At present, the E2 is…

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milwaukee news corner

Meanwhile, in other Harley news, the US Secret Service has plans to purchase a new Harley that could be paired with a sidecar while the agents who protect President Donald Trump are still riding Harley, despite Trump’s call for Americans to boycott MoCo products following the company’s announcement that it was moving production of motorcycles destined for the European Union to an overseas facility. The Secret Service has said that it already has mechanics familiar with Harley, and wouldn’t have to retrain staff. However, the Secret Service and other American federal agencies are, for the main part, tied to a ‘Made in America’ policy when buying equipment. As Harley has said it will continue to produce bikes for the US market in America and with Indian showing little inclination to produce…