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100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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One of the odd side effects of Christmas is that chaps (and sometimes ladies in the spirit of equal opportunity) get the urge to ask their girlfriend to become their wife. I have no idea why this should be—after all, with Netflix, Sky and Amazon Prime, the excuse ‘There was nothing on the telly’ no longer cuts it, while the very fact that you are spending more time than usual with your nearest and dearest can push all ideas of wanting to make that a permanent arrangement out of your head. The desire to make a marriage proposal as unusual as possible has always been with us, but it seems to be driven now by the fact that said crazy proposal can be posted on the internet straight away. In fact,…

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arc de triomphe

Before the debut, Arc had sent out photos of a bike in shadows to whet the appetite (although we quickly found that if we opened said photo in Photoshop and bumped the contrast right up, we got a far better idea of what to expect!). The company claims the Vector is the most advanced electric motorcycle ever brought to market, using “exotic materials, thoroughbred componentry and cutting-edge architecture, wrapped in a futuristic body with post-modern nods to café racers past”. But, aside from the flowery language, what is the Vector really like? Well, one of the most interesting elements is the hub-centre steering which, of course, is not new, but that Arc believes it has reengineered to make more effective, safer and without the vagueness associated from other previous attempts at…

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electric ural?

But word reaches us that Ural had partnered with leading electric bike manufacturer, Zero Motorcycles, to create an electric prototype. Instead of the familiar twin cylinder boxer motor, a Zero Motorcycles motor, batteries, controller and ancillaries have been fitted into a Ural cT frame. Ural is being very guarded as to whether this will be a future model, saying that it has no plans to manufacture an all-electric model at this time. However, it did also say that, should it decide to put the electric Ural into production, then it would take at least two years to set up the necessary tooling and factory infrastructure.…

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rewaco goes on tour!

The new models feature the ultimate in high tech production trike features, including heated seats, comfort frame and suspension, a high-performance brake system, an impressive sound system with sound and navigation preparation, a folding bucket seat to make it easier for the pillion to get on, cockpit and leg covers, two tone paint and a choice of engines. While many of these elements are available on other Rewaco models, this is the first time everything—and we mean everything—has been brought together on one machine. The Touring models are available with three 1.5 litre 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine variants, although there’s a considerable difference in horsepower. The ST offers 110hp, the GT 140hp and the LT a mighty 177hp. That horsepower is controlled by a 7-speed automatic gearbox, while the anti-lock braking…

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new gladstone unveiled

Gladstone Motorcycles was started by television star Henry Cole (whose autobiography is reviewed on page 89) in 2010 as Britain’s first bespoke motorcycle brand since Hesketh in 1982. Not seen one at your local bike meet? That’s hardly surprising… Following the launch of the No 1 bobber in 2013, just nine motorcycles have been built although, to be fair, it was only conceived as a very limited edition and one which requires a six month build time. But now there’s another Gladstone on the block. (Well, probably not your block.) Rather disappointingly, Henry and designer Guy Willison have called it the SE rather than the No 2 although perhaps that name might have had unfortunate connotations. Guy describes the SE as a “a slightly lazier, earthier version of the No 1”.…

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herald’s brute force

Although the firm released its Classic 400 earlier this year, in EICMA in Milan last month, Herald unveiled the Brute 500, seeing the company’s move into the increasingly popular midsize market. Herald says that it is inspired by the race track but built for the road and is its modern take on a street tracker. Powered by a 449cc single cylinder engine, the new model has adjustable Racetek front and rear suspension with a unique floating-shock linkage system. It’s the first Herald to be designed, engineered and built in house at its Huntingdon facility but it’s unlikely to be the last. Although when Herald started ten years ago it was as a partnership with other manufacturers, its goal has always been to design and build bikes in Great Britain. It has…