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100 Biker No. 249

100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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100% biker

GENERAL ENQUIRIES Jazz Publishing, The Old School, Higher Kinnerton, Chester, CH4 9AJ, UK ☎ 01244 881888 eMail: editor@100-biker.com web: www.100-biker.com or www.jazzpublishing.co.uk EDITOR Blue (SCOTT FLYING SQUIRREL) Miller editor@100-biker.com GRAPHIC DESIGN David (HODAKA WOMBAT) Gamble davidgamble@mac.com PRODUCTION Justine (MATCHLESS SILVER HAWK) Blackburn production@100-biker.co.uk CREDIT CONTROL Emma (TRIUMPH TIGER CUB) McCrindle 01244 886009 | emma@jazzpublishing.co.uk ADMIN Jan (BSA BEAGLE) Schofield 01244 886019 | jan@jazzpublishing.co.uk ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Dee (HONDA SUPERHAWK) Lewis 01244 886028 | advertising@100-biker.co.uk SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES (DOUGLAS DRAGONFLY) 01244 881888 | magazines@jazzpublishing.co.uk MANAGING DIRECTOR Stuart (COVENTRY-EAGLE) Mears stuart@jazzpublishing.co.uk CONTRIBUTORS: Del Hickey, Jack Russell, Tony Smith, Ian Thoburn, Mark Hannaby, Keith Harman, Chuch Vranas, Michael Lichter, Horst Rosler, Bob Ingham, Dave Wigham, Floris Velthuis, Odgie, Tim Griffiths, Jim Graves DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Susan (TRIUMPH TIGER) Saunders ☎ 0207 429 4073 susan.saunders@seymour.co.uk THIS MONTH’S THEME: MOTORCYCLES NAMED AFTER ANIMALS…

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If I asked you, right here, right now, to name Harley-Davidson’s most revolutionary new model, some of you would say, “There’s no such thing!” and most of you would answer, “The LiveWire”. Given the media space expended on Harley’s electric plans over the last couple of years, you might be justified in that reply. However, the most important model in recent Harley history was announced last month and caused barely a ripple. But this new bike could be the making or breaking of Harley. It’s not electric. It’s not a V-twin. And, some say, it’s not even really a Harley. In the USA, Harley has traditionally concentrated on the large displacement market. Until the emergence of the Street, the MoCo had no truck with anything less than 883 cee-cees in the last…

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curtiss zeus gets a v8!

An exception to the rule could be the Curtiss Zeus. Around a year ago we brought you the first pictures of the inaugural model from Curtiss Motorcycles, the company that had formerly been Confederate before moving away from the internal combustion engine and starting up as an all-electric motorcycle manufacturer. (A little confusingly, Confederate Motorcycles does still exist but under new ownership.) Anyway, the prototype that Curtiss released then was, with its stance and big ‘porthole’ headstock, unmistakeably of the same parentage that produced the F-113 Hellcat and the P-52 Combat Fighter, but it did look, well, electric. In the centre of the bike was the big block we’ve come to associate with so many electric bikes. But Curtiss wasn’t done. Late last year it announced the V8 battery concept and now it…

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simon ‘nefarious’ pollock

It was with great sadness and shock that we learned of the sudden death of Simon ‘Nefarious’ Pollock on 2nd July 2019. As Nefarious Pinstriping he was one of the leading lights of’striping in this country and Europe. Even if you don’t know his name—and so many of you will—or had never seen him at work at the many shows he attended, then you will have seen his artwork on countless motorcycles in custom shows and on so many magazine feature bikes. I’d known Simon for many years, watching his career as he went from strength to strength but still remaining the same affable, hardworking gentleman. His booth was always a refuge for me (and others) at shows and I was always amazed at how he could concentrate on his work…

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all new biker products

HOLWELL JACKET New to Oxford Products is the Holwell jacket, a classic waxed cotton jacket that uses traditional materials and manufacturing techniques. It’s made by British Millerain, a Lancashire company that has been making waxed cotton outerwear for 125 years – in fact, it was the first manufacturer of such fabric having patented the Millerain rainproof finish in 1884. The Holwell benefits from traditional tailoring methods, such as pleating the pockets so that, when empty, they lay flat but can expand for contents. Triple-stitching has been used in all the key and critical impact areas while inside things get a little modern with a breathable membrane for added protection and a classic Oxford lining. The collar features a rolled neoprene finish and corduroy facing on the inside, as do the cuffs, adding…

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sportster with attitude

“THIS STORY STARTS IN 1969 WHEN, AT THE TENDER AGE OF 16, I WENT TO THE PICTURES TO SEE EASY RIDER” Mmm, bar hopper … hopper … Dennis Hopper … Easy Rider. That was it, once I’d seen that film and bought my first custom magazine, there was no going back. I digress—but not much, because although this bike has nothing to do with the aforementioned film, like me it started Paul off on a lifelong journey of Harley customs and chops and money pits, parting with hard earned cash in pursuit of the dream machine. Did someone mention the word ‘standard’? No, no, no, it’s chop, chop, chop, as Paul now explains: “This story starts in 1969 when, at the tender age of 16 years, I went to the pictures (sorry,…