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100 Biker No. 255

100% Biker is the leading grass-roots custom bike magazine in the UK. It is the Bible for all things custom bike in Britain, covering the best from the custom bike and biker event world. It features traditional choppers and bobbers, streetfighters, rats, cafe racers, cruisers and custom bikes that don't easily fall into any definable category.

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100% biker

EDITOR Blue (DRESS UP YOUR PET–14th Jan) Miller editor@100-biker.com GRAPHIC DESIGN David (STATIC ELECTRICITY DAY–9th Jan) Gamble davidgamble@mac.com PRODUCTION Justine (WINNIE THE POOH DAY–18th Jan) Blackburn production@100-biker.com CREDIT CONTROL Emma (AUSTRALIA DAY–26th Jan) McCrindle 01244 886009 | accounts@jazzpublishing.co.uk ADMIN Jan (AMELIA EARHART DAY–11th Jan) Schofield 01244 886019 | jan@jazzpublishing.co.uk ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES Dee (BUFFET DAY–2nd Jan) Lewis 01244 886028 | advertising@100-biker.com SUBSCRIPTIONS & BACK ISSUES SQUIRREL APPRECIATION DAY–21st Jan) 01244 881888 | magazines@jazzpublishing.co.uk MANAGING DIRECTOR Stuart (BUBBLE BATH DAY–(8th Jan) Mears stuart@jazzpublishing.co.uk CONTRIBUTORS: Jack Russell, Del Hickey, Mark Hannaby, Ian Thoburn, Horst Rosler, Jim Graves, Tony Smith, Keith Harman, Marcus and Natasha ward, Ivo Ivanov, Tim Griffiths, Odgie, Jon Betts. DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Susan (PENGUIN AWARENESS DAY–20th Jan) Saunders 0207 429 4073 susan.saunders@seymour.co.uk…

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We are living in difficult times. This country is divided in a way that we have never seen in our lifetime (nor in that of our parents or grandparents). Things will get worse before—and if—they get better so, for 2020, we are advocating kindness. You as bikers already know the importance of generosity. The amount of toy runs in December showed that, as do the phenomenal sums of money that you raise for various charities throughout the year. We have nothing but admiration for every one of you who dresses up in a silly Santa outfit, who collects pet food for animal rescues, who throws a coin in the bucket for the Air Ambulance or Blood Bikes. But what we are suggesting for the coming year is small personal acts of…

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revolutionary damon hypersport pro

The fully electric Hypersport Pro is equipped with what its Canadian manufacturer calls Co-Pilot. It’s a system which was previously known by the less catchy if more self-explanatory name of AWSM or Advance Warning System for Motorcycles. Co-Pilot makes use of sensors, cameras and radar to give the rider a 360-degree view of the environment, while tracking up to 64 moving objects around the bike. It can also alert the rider to any possible danger by the use of warning lights (blind spot alerts are given, for example, by amber LED lights on the edges of the screen) or a haptic feed from the handlebars. ‘What’s a haptic feed?’ we hear you ask? Well, when your phone vibrates, that’s haptic communication. Basically, here it’s vibrating grips. Damon Motorcycles describes Co-Pilot…

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smokehead ducati

Although he’s originally from New York, Tyler moved to Edinburgh just over two years ago to open North Motorcycle. Commenting on the partnership with Smokehead and the finished bike, he says: “Smokehead’s support of unique craftsmen and women resonated with me immediately. Building a customised bike is an incredible process. And it’s a slow process. Notching, welding, grinding, every single detail needs to be accounted for. I wanted to make sure this bike was phenomenal. I wanted to make a bike for the street, something that’s comfortable, with a really vintage appeal. This isn’t a bike that’s going to be polished and put in a museum.” In addition, an exclusive cocktail, also called The Smoker, was created for the launch of the bike. (It’s a mixture of Smokehead whisky, lemon juice,…

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jozef leathersmith

You will have seen a rather fabulous seat in our Christmas Gift Guide last month that was the work of Jozef Szymon, the man who is Jozef Leathersmith. This month we’re happy to bring you some more examples of Jozef’s impressive work, all of which is done by hand, from the seat pan to the leather carving, airbrushing and stitching. Jozef, who’s based in London, started out by making a solo seat for his own Harley. Everyone else loved it but he knew he could do better and since then he’s never stopped, now creating seats that are on motorcycles as far away at the USA. He says; “I don’t treat this as work, I just like it and I’m happy as a child when I create something new.” But there’s…

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the bike shed goes electric

The Bike Shed has become the first venue in the UK to install a motorcycle-only electric charging station. The 7kW unit has gone into service at the Bike Shed’s headquarters in Shoreditch, London, and is free to use for any rider visiting the Bike Shed during opening hours. Given that the Bike Shed does rather good food, it’s an ideal opportunity for owners of electric bikes to have a decent meal while waiting for their motorcycle to get its fill as well. Anthony ‘Dutch’ van Someren says: “At the Bike Shed, we welcome everyone through our doors, whether bikers or non-bikers, petrol heads or electric riders. As the first venue in the UK to offer a charging station just for electric motorcycles, we hope to re-emphasise our inclusive approach. We…