3D Artist No. 131

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the expert panel

TREVOR HOGG laika.com A regular contributor to 3D Artist, Trevor Hogg returns this issue to bring you a look behind the scenes on Laika’s latest project, Missing Link, which combines stop-motion with CG. Turn to page 22. GREG BARTA scivfx.artstation.com Veteran Houdini artist Greg Barta returns to the pages of 3D Artist this issue to delve deep into Houdini to help you learn to create fabrics using various simulation tools. Turn to page 38. GAEL KERCHENBAUM weacceptyou.com Gael was part of the team behind this stunning fox animation, created using Ziva. He and some of the other team members show you their process to get the very best results. Turn to page 46. FARID GHANBARI 3fx.com Farid is the art director at 3FX Inc. with over 11 years’ experience in the CGI industry. He’s always trying to learn something new. Here…

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the gallery

Rafael G. Moheno bit.ly/2VJNfei “The goal was to achieve a realistic look without appealing to excess damage; to make it interesting not by showing it deteriorated but used. Therefore, any wearing that the textures displayed had to be subtle. As you can see on the wings in this image, realism comes from the soft variance of colour tone. I find that subtleties play a huge part in achieving a convincing result”Rafael Garcia Moheno, The Outlaw Scout, 2018 Rafael began his career in 2D classical animation in Mexico City. He is now a modeller and texture artist at Method Studios. Software Maya, Mari, V-Ray, Photoshop, Substance Painter Work in progress… Quoc Anh Pham quocanh.artstation.com “My job now mainly involves low-poly modelling for games. I love to challenge myself and learn as much as possible. After seeing a lot of…

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travelling the world with missing link

With each project, the stop-motion animation ambitions of Laika get larger in scope, and its fifth endeavour, Missing Link, is no exception. Desiring to meet his long-lost relatives, a huge creature known as Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis) recruits fearless Victorian explorer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) to guide him as he leaves his Pacific Northwest home for the fabled valley of Shangri-La. “I remember saying at the start, I wanted this to be as if David Lean made Around The World In 80 Days starring Laurel and Hardy,” chuckles Chris Butler, who serves as writer, director and head of story at Laika. “Traditionally, stop-motion can feel small, because in the past you were limited by the size of your sets and puppets and where you could set the camera. I wanted to…

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a bridge too far

“The ice bridge was unique because that is truly a hybrid,” states Laika CG supervisor Rick Sevy. “We built the ends, and the centre section was practically constructed. The temple was both miniature and parts of it were full-scale. We had something physical to go off and could look at the reflections and refractions and make that in our shaders. We had to interchange between one shot on the practical centre part of the bridge, to the next shot where it is being destroyed, and we had to take it over. The look had to be exact.” A digital version of the bridge was made prior to animation. “We did the effect destruction pass on that in Houdini prior to animation as well,” explains Laika VFX supervisor Steve Emerson. “That gave…

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some hairy situations

“One thing that we realised once Mr. Link got out onset was that he was going to be in a lot of windy environments, and the puppet has hundreds of pieces of fur,” states Laika VFX supervisor Steve Emerson. “What we ended up doing was taking invisible UV paint, and we painted it densely on the tips of the fur. The fur gradually became more transparent towards the base. We would hit it with ultraviolet light and when you go to the different colour channels you have a solid white at the tip, more of a grey at the base, and then we were able to use that to drive distortion in a 2D package to get a believable wiggle on the fur. A particular character was a combination of puppet…