3D Artist No. 136

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We are celebrating a whole lot this issue, from the fantastic title sequence Elastic made for the final series of Game Of Thrones on page 36, to the stunning modelling work that MPC do on their movie projects, over on page 44. For me though, the areas that blow me away most often are the projects made by students, hobbyists and other artists new to the industry. This issue we showcase the very best student work, and I hope you agree that they are just incredible, and all respect to the talent of the creators, as well as their tutors. Check out our feature on page 22. Sticking with the theme we turn to fan art on page 28, talking to a number of talented 3D artists behind some simply beautifully reimagined characters,…

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the expert panel

EDUARDO SILVA artstation.com/eduardosilva Fan art is the focus of our cover feature this month, with a select number of veteran artists sharing their tips for success. Eduardo Silva is one and talks about the creation of our cover image. Turn to page 28. SADDINGTON BAYNES saddingtonbaynes.com Award-winning creative agency Saddington Baynes experts have put together this tutorial on how to create stunning visuals for the beauty industry, mixing motion graphics with visual effects. Head to page 66. MPC moving-picture.com MPC are recognised globally as one of the leaders in visual effects, which means it’s no surprise to see BMW turn to them to create a legend. Learn how their team used Frankie to help them do it. Turn to page 96. MOHAMMADREZA MOHSENI instagram.com/mohseni.mr Mohammadreza is an accomplished CG artist, with skills across multiple disciplines. Here he…

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the gallery

Mickael Riciotti artstation.com/mikecg Mickael is a senior generalist at ILM Vancouver. He’s previously worked for Dreamworks and Walt Disney Animation. Software 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, Nuke Work in progress… “I lived in India for two years and was amazed by the richness of the architectural structures there. I love how modern and ancient worlds coexist in Varanasi but the amount of work needed felt a bit daunting. Recently I discovered RichDirt, a plugin for 3ds Max to generate leaks, and thought it would be the perfect solution for a procedural texturing approach”Mickael Riciotti, Varanasi, 2019 Lukas Walzer artstation.com/lukas_walzer Having studied industrial design, Lukas Walzer picked up his passion for CGI in 2016 and currently works as a 3D artist at Animationsfabrik in Hamburg. Software Blender, Photoshop Work in progress… “This project started as an attempt to merge mecha anime themes and…

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stunning student cg shorts

These days, the CG work undertaken by students inside VFX, animation and film schools is of an enormously high calibre. Through short films, trailers and thesis projects, young artists at these schools around the world – sometimes in groups and sometimes alone – have been demonstrating their wares. 3D Artist highlights just a few projects completed at Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, ArtFX and Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation, and discovers how they were made. A GREEDY SQUIRREL NAMED RATATOSKR A nominee at the 2019 Visual Effects Society Awards for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project, Ratatoskr is a CG short that hails from Animationsinstitut at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany. It tells the story of a squirrel searching eagerly for always bigger and better fruits; the result is near-dire consequences…

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up in the trees

1 PROXY SET A proxy representation of the set was made after concepts and storyboards were done. From a given storyboard, our director started blocking out sets with proxy geometry, camera movements and rough animation. This was an essential step as we knew which parts of the sets are visible in which shot. 2 SET BUILDING The proxy geometry was later replaced with high-poly meshes baked from high-resolution displacement maps to get proper contact surfaces for animation, simulation and set dressing. Each piece of high-poly geometry was then split out in one or more separate Maya scenes to start set dressing. 3 PLANT LIBRARY We had created a big asset library of plants. However, we realised that they would not work as well as we expected, since most of them were modelled with a flat…