3D Artist No. 113

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When we first saw Agent 327: Operation Barbershop back in May 2017, we were absolutely floored by the quality of the animated short. The models, animation, rigging, environment, lighting, scene composition and just about everything else involved was undeniably already Hollywood quality. What was more impressive was that anybody at home could technically achieve the same calibre – there were no secret tools involved. No, it was all Blender, which is of course free for anyone to download and start learning. We’re so excited for you to read about how this fantastic short was achieved, and hope you will get inspired to create your own high-end CG piece with the exact same tools over on page 24. Elsewhere, we’re discovering the secrets behind incredible game cinematic prowess with Digic Pictures on…

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the expert panel

IAN FAILES vfxblog.com Ian returns this issue with a fantastic behind-the-scenes feature on Agent 327, the exciting animated short and proof of concept from Blender Animation Studio. Read it on page 24. 3DArtist username N/A SAFWEN LAABIDI artstation.com/safwen Character creation tutor Safwen has given us this incredible guide to making a real-time cyborg for any game engine. Make sure you check it out on page 46. 3DArtist username safweno DORU BUTZ artstation.com/dorubutz We welcome Doru to the magazine this issue, with his amazing tutorial on creating a steampunk-style diorama with Modo. Learn his workflow and try it yourself! It’s on page 54. 3DArtist username DoruB JONATHAN BENAïNOUS jonathan-benainous.blogspot.com Jonathan is a senior texture artist working at Ubisoft Quebec. His industry-standard techniques for texturing ornate details with Substance Designer is over on page 60. 3DArtist username Jonathan Benaïnous DIEGO TRAZZI cmiVFX.com Bifröst expert Diego has kindly taken us through…

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the gallery

“I’m a fan of games and it’s incredible how League of Legends has turned into this huge eSport nowadays. I never liked TV sports much but growing up and being able to watch video games on TV is amazing. I also visited Riot’s building in LA. Amazing place for sure, filled with hundreds of talented artists. So that’s my inspiration and tribute.”Andy Brüning, Katarina – League of Legends, 2017 Andy Brüning artstation.com/bruning Andy is 3D character artist who is as passionate about games as he is about art Software ZBrush, 3ds Max, V-Ray, Ornatrix & Photoshop Work in progress… “Frankie was sculpted in ZBrush and will be produced as a 3D printed and pre-painted collectable figure with Level52 Studios. Original concept by Jordi Navarrete”Kieran McKay, Frankie Pin-up, 2016 Kieran McKay kieranmckay.co.uk Kieran is a professional 3D character artist/digital sculptor…

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blender’s secret weapon

Those already in the open-source Blender community will be well aware of the tool’s powerful capabilities. But the software has not traditionally been associated with quality at a commercial level. Until now. In the works for months, Agent 327: Operation Barbershop, a trailer released by the Blender Institute and a follow-up to its successful Cosmos Laundromat short, is aimed at showcasing what Blender can do, both in terms of quality and also as an animation studio. The project is intended to become a feature film. WHAT IS AGENT 327: OPERATION BARBERSHOP? The trailer is based on Martin Lodewijk’s Dutch comic series, Agent 327, hugely popular in the Netherlands for several decades. Blender’s primary author and the chairman of the Blender Foundation and director of the Blender Institute, Ton Roosendaal, grew up with the…

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major moments in the making of operation barbershop

1966 AGENT 327 IS BORN The first Agent 327 comic is published in Pep magazine, and focuses on the adventures of a Dutch secret agent who fights for ‘righteousness and world peace’. It is written by cartoonist Martin Lodewijk and illustrated by Jan Kruis. Lodewijk would soon take over as both writer and artist, and the series would continue to run regularly over the next few decades. 2002 MAY BLENDER IS FORMED Ton Roosendaal, having written an animation package beginning in the mid-Nineties, starts the non-profit Blender Foundation. It is aimed at promoting the Blender software as a community-based open-source project. Later this year, after a successful crowdfunding campaign raising 100,000 euros Blender is released under the terms of a GNU General Public License. MARCH 2006 BLENDER’S FIRST FILM In order to show off just what was possible…

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breaking down a scene

01 Plan the shot Grease Pencil, a Blender tool originally developed for screen annotations, is now used regularly as a way to complete 2D animations. On Agent 327, that meant Grease Pencil came in handy for storyboarding and planning animation and motion curves, including for this part of the fight scene in the barbershop. 02 Shooting videomatics At the Blender office, animators filmed themselves performing fight choreography. This was edited together to serve as reference for how the final scene would be animated. Observers to the production could see the scene come together as a mix of storyboards, layout and videomatics. 03 Animation pass In animating the fight choreography, director Hjalti Hjalmarsson was interested in using as many different props available in the barbershop as possible. This included scissors, hairdryers, razor blades,…