3D Artist No. 117

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Pouncing onto our screens earlier this year was the effortlessly cool king of Wakanda, T’Challa, and Black Panther. The latest marvellous VFX superhero film to grace our screens and also the first live-action film on 3D Artist’s cover, Black Panther has plenty of awe-inspiring shots. This issue we’ve spoken to Luma Pictures and Scanline VFX to uncover all the secrets behind creating the infamous suit and the world of Black Panther on page 22. As the software that’s been on everybody’s lips the past few years, you can now learn new, innovative techniques for Substance Designer. You’ll be able to create volumes like never before and give other sculpting tools a run for their money on page 46. Meanwhile, one of the studios that is taking medical visualisation to new depths is…

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the expert panel

PAUL HELLARD paulhellard.contently.com Paul is a seasoned VFX journalist and is the former editor of CGsociety.org. This issue he’s spoken to Luma Pictures and Scanline VFX about Black Panther’s VFX. It’s on page 22. 3DArtist username N/A VINCENT DéROZIER artstation.com/vincentderozier Vincent has revealed to us his innovative new techniques for creating sculpt-like models with Substance Designer. Master the software now with his tutorial on page 46. 3DArtist username Vincent Dérozier GREG BARTA artstation.com/scivfx Greg’s contribution to this issue is two-fold this month. He teaches us the science behind cloud formation as well as reviewing the latest Clarisse, version 3.6. Read them on pages 54 and 80. 3DArtist username N/A TREVOR BALL & JOSH WEBB stackrockgroup.com Trevor and Josh are 3D visualisation artists specialising in landscape architectural modelling for a landscape at Stack Rock Group. Discover their SketchUp tutorial over on…

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the gallery

“I remember the first time I read the Harry Potter books… they were something unique – an ordinary boy and his friends against a great evil. I hated Snape until his story arc was revealed and after that he became my most favourite character by far. To see how Alan Rickman gave life with his talented interpretation of this iconic character was something special, too. This work is only a sincere homage”Giovani Kososki, Snape, 2018 Giovani Kososki giovanikososki.com Giovani is a 3D modeller and illustrator currently working in advertising. He has loved art since he was a child Software ZBrush, Arnold, Maya, Photoshop Work in progress… “Hussar Pinup Girl is a model that I made recently. Designed by Bartek Drejewicz, this is a sculpture that is prepared to be 3D-printed as a 70mm miniature as part…

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in depth

“This project was set out by Eric Chavoix Architects in Mauritius. A beach-side holiday home was levelled and the site redesigned for a family of four. Typical of Eric’s design, it comprises individualised boxes that slide into each other. Internal green spaces allow for a retreat from the harsh winds that beat the coast during the winter. The style is modern and minimalistic, yet still warm and made with materials that allude to the tropical climate”Terri Brown, GIC House, 2016 Terri Brown terribrown3d.com Terri Brown is a freelance architectural visualiser who is based in Johannesburg, South Africa Software 3ds Max, V-Ray, GrowFX, Photoshop Work in progress… COMPOSITION Numerous views are experimented with in SketchUp before exporting to 3ds Max. Composition is key, and it’s possible to go through ten options of the same view to find the…

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kings of wakanda

The character of Black Panther has finally come out with his own film. In his inaugural appearance, the superhero was portrayed by Chadwick Boseman in Captain America: Civil War, where he became the king of Wakanda, a fictional east African nation with the most advanced technology in the Marvel cinematic universe. In fact, Black Panther was the first black superhero to appear in a mainstream comic when he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966. Luma Pictures’ work in Black Panther involves two major sequences, including a massive car chase around Busan in South Korea that comprises over 200 shots. 3D Artist spoke with Luma Pictures’ Melbourne VFX supervisor Brendan Seals and Los Angeles VFX supervisor Kevin Souls as they both oversaw the creative for the film. We…