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3D World April 2018

3D World magazine is the world's biggest-selling monthly title for the 3D artist covering all aspects of the CG creation, inclduing animation, visual effects, vidoegames and architectural visualisation, and includes expert training in apps such as 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, LightWave, Vue, Photoshop and After Effects. Every issue the magazine features an artist showcase, making of features and reviews of new products.

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spotlight on our contributors

Paul Gerrard Paul is a character concept artist, working freelance on many projects. He shares his thoughts on reimagining an icon on page 89. www.gerrardart.com Dora R. Fitzgerald Dora received an MFA in Film from Columbia University and a Ph.D from the University of Texas San Antonio. She teaches visual language on page 28. www.uiw3d.com Simon Edwards Simon has a long history as an artist and is quickly becoming an industry leader in VR art. You will find his fantastic 3ds Max tips piece on page 34. www.3dartvision.co.uk Tom Box Founder of Blue Zoo, Tom shares his feelings about education in the VFX and animation industry. Head to page 90 to read about what could change. www.blue-zoo.co.uk Oscar Juárez Oscar is an archviz specialist, creating in many apps, but has a keen interest in Unreal. He shares some of his secrets in this…

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ANTONY WARD FREELANCE 3D ARTIST On hand to solve your CG problems AXIS ANIMATION ANIMATION STUDIO Discussing their work in games HUGO GUERRA VFX SUPERVISOR Talking 3D in the auditorium BADER BADRUDDIN A BLUE ZOO MASTERCLASS Cartoon character animation for TV MARC SHEPHARD AND CHRIS CHRISTODOULOU SADDINGTON BAYNES On the mass customisation of images ADAM DEWHIRST CHARACTER ARTIST How to build a human in one day MIKE GRIGGS 3D FUNDAMENTALS Workshop on the fundamentals of 3D CHRIS NICHOLS DIGITAL HUMANS A look to the future Vertex is the event bringing together the CG community, where you will find everything from presentations on digital humans, workshops to help you refine your skills, a recruitment fair to further your career and so much more. The speakers at the event are some of the best in their fields, so browse these pages to find some of the stunning art created by them. Some are regular contributors to 3D…

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ARTIST Romax Lalu SOFTWARE Blender 2.79, Cycles Romax works as a 3D artist in India, and used Blender for the creation of this charming character. “To get the realistic grass look I used Blender hair simulation. The rest of the modelling was basic sculpting only,” he explains. “I always enjoy modelling. So in this particular work I really enjoyed sculpting the head and also the expression of the main character. “Back in 2006-07 when I was introduced to the world of 3D games I instantly got inspired by the way the characters and the amazing 3D environments were developed to look so realistic. This made me eager to know more about how it was created, so I joined an animation studio and am now living my dream of creating characters and environments similar to those…

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ARTIST Jean-Michel Bihorel SOFTWARE Maya, ZBrush, Redshift, Nuke “I used a combination of 3D scan and digital sculpting [to create this image]”, states Jean, who is currently working as lead look-dev in Paris on an animated feature film. Jean has spent the last ten years working for commercials and movies, and explains that “I try to explore uncommon fields of expression in the CG area. [I try to] prove that 3D is just a tool like any other one, and that the technique shouldn’t be a goal by itself when it comes to making pictures.” In terms of his inspirations, Jean confesses that “I’m fascinated by light and materials. The most random object can be a piece of art if the light interacts with it in an intricate way and offers nice colour variations or…

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nuremberg bathroom

ARTIST Mohammadreza Mohseni SOFTWARE Corona Renderer Mohammadreza, certified architect and co-founder of Vivid Visual Studio in Iran, has over ten years of experience in architectural visualisation. This incredibly detailed bathroom image was a commercial project for a client, using reference images from the houzz.com mobile app. “Adding lots of detail was my first priority,” Mohammadreza explains. “In order to get some believable renders of a small space, there is no choice except to focus on richness in the details.” The image’s lighting also adds to the believability of the scene, and the artist explains that “one of the ways to make your lighting realistic is by using a high-resolution HDRI – it will help you create realistic, natural lighting with detailed variation, with ease. “You can of course use other methods, such as using a Corona Sky…

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secrets of the title

CONTRIBUTORS Karin Fong Director and designer www.karinfong.com Alan Williams Director and art director www.ohmagicohwonder.com Arisu Kashiwagi Director and motion graphics designer www.arisu.tv Yongsub Song Motion graphics artist yongsubsong.com “WITH THESE ADVANCEMENTS, COMPLEX AND PHOTOREALISTIC RESULTS ARE POSSIBLE WITH SMALLER TEAMS AND TIGHTER DEADLINES” Alan Williams, director/art director Television title sequences have been enjoying a kind of heyday in recent years; we’re seeing a proliferation of remarkably beautiful, lavish sequences that are works of art in their own right and aesthetically distinct from the material they’re introducing – instead of simply using show footage, they’re built entirely in CG, and many feature paintings and other natural textures that have been brought into the 3D space and manipulated. “Title sequences typically come with challenging budgets and schedules,” says director Alan Williams, who has worked on titles for Black Sails, Gypsy and Anne with an E. “In the…