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Artists & Illustrators March 2019

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why on earth do we do it to ourselves?

Picture the scene. You’re in the room you have set aside for your art, a fresh canvas on the easel maybe, or a crisp white sheet of paper at the ready. Your hand hovers, ready to make the first mark and you suddenly panic. What if I make a mistake? What if this next painting isn’t my masterpiece after all? I’m no betting man but I’d wager we’ve all experienced that at some stage. As our art improves, so do our expectations of ourselves. Facing that blank page isn’t easy. On page 64, Yael Maimon has seven useful strategies for overcoming these natural and understandable fears. So why do we do it? Why do we continue to paint when those fears hang over us? I’ve thought about this a lot while I’ve…

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GILL WITH A PEARL OF A PAINTING I have done two copies of a Vermeer painting. My first attempt was bought by a friend. The second version [below], does not “do it”. I am not happy with the line of her face or the shape of the headdress. I was pleased with the eyes though. There is a great deal to be learnt from copying the masters. I shall keep going back to this painting until I am as satisfied as I can be. Or should I just start again? Gill Ashley, via email The question to ask yourself, Gill, is what you want from this painting. If your aim was to make an accurate copy of Girl with a Pearl Earring, then definitely persevere until you are happy. If, however, you simply…

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social scene

This month: Readers share tips for looking after brushes… Vivien Blackburn: I use baby oil for cleaning oil paint brushes, followed by soap and water. It cleans skin and brushes beautifully and is environmentally friendly – vegetable oil is cheaper but baby oil smells nicer. Roger Conrad: I swear by Dawn-brand dishwashing soap, the kind used to clean wildlife after oil spills. Annie Kennerley: “The Masters” Brush Cleaner and Preserver gets everything off! Tina Mammoser: I use large bristled varnishing brushes and leave them in water 24/7. Nothing dries on them. Yes, the metal rusts but if I need to replace a couple brushes a year that’s a reasonable expense. Felicity Campbell-Reynolds: After washing my brushes, I rub coconut oil into the bristles then reshape them using bar soap. Julia Martin: I wash my Chinese brushes…

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letter of the month

INSPIRING US ALL I have always enjoyed art and it was my greatest desire to attend art classes once I left school, but family commitments did not permit it as two of my children were born with significant learning disabilities. However, in the last five years I have signed up for classes as respite from caring responsibilities and to do something for me. Initially I was very reluctant to attempt watercolour as my mother was brilliant watercolour artist and I convinced myself I could not match her work. Over the last three years my confidence in this area has improved in a huge way and I am very pleased with the work I have been producing and in particular the picture enclosed [above]. I feel able to tackle watercolour and to challenge myself…

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1 THE POSTER PRIZE FOR ILLUSTRATION 2019 The Association of Illustrators and London Transport Museum’s flagship competition returns (8 February to 14 July). Judged by an independent panel that includes Artists & Illustrators publisher Steve Pill, this year’s theme is London Stories. Illustrators were invited to interpret a London narrative, be that an urban myth, a historic fact, a family anecdote or a personal observation. The winning poster design will also be displayed at tube stations across the British capital. 2 PAINT Building the Surface: Colour in Impasto and Paint This one-day workshop (16 March) is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of colour and paint application. Tutor Jenny Martin will draw upon the work of Euan Uglow and William Coldstream as you learn how to work with impasto mediums and paint thickeners.…

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LONDON In the Studio 29 March to 27 April Royal Watercolour Society members capture the essence of the studio environment. Bankside Gallery. Reimagining Captain Cook: Pacific Perspectives Until 4 August Re-examine Captain Cook’s relationship with the people of the Pacific through eight contemporary artworks by Pacific Island artists. The British Museum. Journeys Drawn: Illustration from the Refugee Crisis Until 24 March Moving stories told through 40 works, some by refugees. House of Illustration. Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 5 March to 17 March 100 of the best representational paintings from the 2019 competition. Mall Galleries. Bill Viola/Michelangelo Until 31 March Two artists born centuries apart, exploring the same universal themes. Royal Academy of Arts. Van Gogh and Britain 27 March to 11 August Vincent’s years in England and his influence on the likes of Francis Bacon and the Camden…