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Artists & Illustrators April 2019

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it is time to find your chosen path

I was honoured last month to be invited by the Hertford Art Society to give a critique of members’ work. As someone who is far happier typing out his words and editing them until they make sense first, it was a rather fun and novel experience to be stood in front of an audience trying to find constructive advice to a succession of paintings (and one sculpture) that I had only just set eyes upon. There were lessons for myself in the experience too. One artist had painted a nude with rather thick illustrative lines, which I felt contrasted badly with the more expressive background. Embarrassingly, I’d already told him to soften those outlines when I discovered that was his favourite part of the picture and his aim all along. For…

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MONEY WELL SPENT In last August’s issue you very kindly awarded me “Letter of the Month” and I duly received my voucher from GreatArt. I treated myself to a selection of Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic paints which I used to produce Fusion No.1 – Garden [above], a painting which now appears on my Portfolio Plus page. I found the creamy consistency of the acrylics really easy to work with, they didn’t dry too quickly and they gave excellent coverage in a one-coat application. Many thanks again for the voucher. Russell Simpkins, FEELING PAMPERED After 30 years as a British citizen working and living in Switzerland, I finally landed one of the most wonderful jobs of all – that of becoming a mother. Two years later and still up to my eyeballs in…

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the art of giving

I am in remission from breast cancer and to express how grateful I am for my renewed good health I decided to do something to contribute to the research into this illness, so I formed Portraits for Charity five years ago. I work in the window of the Lewes branch of the Cancer Research UK shop, charging £100 for a portrait and giving all the proceeds to the charity. As a result, I have painted so many interesting people and earned more than £28,000 for Cancer Research. I also paint greeting cards of the local area to be sold in the shop. This is such rewarding work and I am sure it is helping to keep me well as I look forward to every day I spend painting in the window. Leslie…

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social scene

This month: Readers share advice for getting over the fear of starting a new painting… Tony Hogan: Don’t set your expectations too high. No one started producing masterpieces immediately. Make a few marks, enjoy the experience. Polly Tatterling: Are you trying to convey beauty or evoke an emotion? Ask yourself that. Having an idea of the subject matter is the biggest hurdle. Bernard Stewart-Deane: Decide on a topic, then outline in it your sketchbook and mess around with different layouts. When you think the composition is OK, start on the canvas. Adele Gregory: I start by lightly outlining with dots in pencil or pastel. They’re easy to change and give a sense of the whole composition. Clare Russell: Put a rough wash of tone down first. Scrub it on, scumble it on, drip it on.…

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9 artistic things to do in april

1 PINTAR RAPIDO The UK’s biggest plein air painting competition and exhibition returns to London this summer (22-23 June) and you can sign up online now to take part. Register your canvas, paper or boards on the Saturday then go out and paint plein air anywhere in the capital. On the Sunday, all the fresh works will be featured in a public exhibition at Chelsea Old Town Hall. Participating artists are also eligible to win the £1,000 Pintar Prize. 2 DRINK Van Gogh’s Britain & The Green Fairy To celebrate the opening of Tate’s exhibition, Van Gogh and Britain, this Artscapes event (3 April) at Library on St Martin’s Lane in London will guide you through the life and libations of the great artist. The menu includes the infamous ‘Green Fairy’ – the affectionate…

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2 April to 23 June The moon controls the tides and the human body is about 60% water, so it stands to reason that the earth's only natural satellite has a strong pull on our daily lives. Artists through the ages have been more in tune to these fluctuations than most, so on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, this new exhibition looks at Victorian visions of the moon above. They range in scope from the nocturnal melancholy of William Holman Hunt's 1869 watercolour Pathless Waters (Homeward Bound) to the science-inspired symbolism of GF Watts and Evelyn de Morgan. Watts Gallery, Surrey.…