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I’ve always admired landscape artists. Painting in the comfort of your own home can be tricky enough at times, just dealing with basics like mixing colours, judging proportions or finding the strength of will to clean your brushes at the end of a long day. Imagine adding sunburn, flies in the paint and the lack of a loo to your worries? So I’m being mischievous of course. Painting outdoors (or en plein air, if we must be fancy) can be a sheer joy. Nothing can truly replicate the thrill of trying to desperately capture the effect as the clouds part and the sunlight breaks across a scene. Returning to locations and seeing them at different times of day or under different weather conditions is equally satisfying, each observation and detail only…

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STUCK ON AN IDEA I have been using Pro 46 special coloured paper tapes to create my own art. These tapes I seal and mount behind styrene glass. There are many advantages to using these tapes, which can be painted over or used as a piece of artwork in their own right. I would like to know if anyone else is presently using this method of creating art? Mike Budd, via email TUMBLE THERAPY Seven years ago, I went through a very bad period in my life with work-related stress. For the first three three months, I did nothing at all. Then I started to doodle. I’ve always been comfortable with pen and ink, and these doodles began to grow into something else altogether. I began to get a sense of improvement and some germ…

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encouraging words

I always love reading your magazine and find the words of wisdom from older and experienced artists very helpful for me. Often I like to write out favourite quotes or adapt them as motivation for myself. Then I pin them to the wall of the bedroom I use as a studio in my house. I have two from your last issue in front of me today. Bill Jacklin [Dances of the Clouds and Breezes I, below] said, “My work has to have a sense of place”, I loved that. And I changed Frank Bowling’s words to encourage myself to experiment more: “If there’s something in the work that seems interesting, poke and prod it to see what happens”. Harvey Dew, Reading, Berkshire…

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social scene

This month: Readers share their most effective or unusual techniques for creating textures in paintings… Marion Boddy-Evans: My choice would be a texture paste on canvas, Golden Acrylics light modelling paste, to be specific. It dries to surface that's absorbent like paper, giving watercolour-like results. Tessa Spanton: Thickish watercolour paint on the side of a chopped-up credit card dragged across rough watercolour paper. Great for silver birches. Susan Woolley: Dried coffee grounds to represent ashes, and tiny wodges of kitchen paper to make pebbles. Dawn Spink: I used crushed eggshells for the rough look of Durdle Door in acrylic painting. Janice Taylor: @DawnSpink I think you’ve got to go a long way to beat your using wire wool in a landscape! Add your comments to our next topic via the addresses on page 3.…

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9 artistic things to do in july

1 SUMMER SCHOOL With the academic year finished, the London Fine Art Studios is keeping its doors open for the summer with four weeks of courses (8 July to 2 August). Beginning with a foundation week that offers an overview of the studio’s atelier-style teaching, these are followed by week-long focuses on portraits, the figure and the landscape, as well as the chance to try new disciplines in sculpture and printmaking. Discounts are available when booking two or more weeks at a time. 2 ESCAPE Maison du Guit Royal Society of Portrait Painters member Antony Williams hosts a seven-day workshop in this 18th-century house set within a vineyard in the south of France. Portraits in a Landscape in Oils and Acrylics (14-21 July) will give you a chance to learn his meticulous techniques while painting figures…

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my head is disconnected

6 July to 29 September Manchester International Festival (MIF) and HOME gallery will host the first major UK exhibition of the visual art created by David Lynch. Featuring drawing, painting and sculpture, it aims to provide a rare insight into the creative mind of the iconic film director. Before his career as an internationally renowned filmmaker, David Lynch trained as a painter at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition will be presented in four chapters, including the dark narratives and characters of “Bedtime Stories” and also “Industrial Empire”, inspired by Manchester’s rich Victorian heritage. The exhibition is part of the wider David Lynch at HOME programme, which marks the first time the venue’s gallery, theatre and cinema spaces have all been dedicated to one artist. HOME, Manchester.…