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Artists & Illustrators August 2019

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Please excuse my slightly sketchy appearance this month. In a change from my usual editor's photo, I thought I'd share this wonderful drawing that was made by the New English Art Club member and Art Academy tutor James Bland during our interview, which you can read on page 42. Sat in the garden of Gallery 286, James effortlessly conjured this likeness in a matter of minutes while we chatted, a true modern master at work. There's something of a portrait theme to this issue too. We've delved into the history of the National Portrait Gallery's Portrait Award on page 22 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the world's biggest and best competition of its kind, alongside a very revealing interview with recent winner Charlie Schaffer, who you may remember from our…

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BEGINNING TO CHANGE It’s fair to say that I’m something of a philistine when it comes to art. I can manage the masterpieces, David Hockney and a few others, but that’s it. However, this, I sense, is slowly beginning to change. My partner is quite an accomplished artist who now sells her paintings. I have seen her progress over the years from someone with an obvious talent to someone who clearly knows her work. This she has achieved through commitment to many workshops and courses. In addition, she has been an avid reader of your magazine and I know she has learnt a great deal from it. Often I’ve found myself leafing through with it with increasing interest. I have a birthday on the horizon and I suspect that amongst the gifts will be…

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bright ideas

In your recent magazine, you have some delightful watercolour paintings with bright colours and one thing that I have noticed is that many people struggle to create bright watercolour paintings and give up on watercolour for acrylic paint, thinking that it cannot compete – but it can! I have four very straightforward techniques that I would like to share: 1. Use good quality white paper. White paper enables the maximum contrast and reflects back more light through transparent colours. 2. Do not allow the paper to become too wet. If this happens then adding more paint will not strengthen the colour. 3. Use artists' quality paints as these have purer colours and the pigment density is significantly higher than cheap alternatives. 4. Add gum Arabic to your paint mixes. This is a normal watercolour…

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1 TAL R 6 July to 13 October This collection of bright, semi-abstract paintings by the Copenhagen-based Israeli painter is the highlight of several inaugural displays at the new Hastings Contemporary, which replaces the East Sussex town’s popular Jerwood Gallery. Subtitled “eventually all museums will be ships” the exhibition sits alongside Roy Oxlade’s abstract art and a collection of drawings by illustrator Sir Quentin Blake. Hastings Contemporary, Hastings 2 REFLECTION: BRITISH ART IN AN AGE OF CHANGE 17 August to 5 January 2020 This fascinating exhibition takes a look at the unique and contrasting ways in which modern British artists have perceived and represented the country’s ever-changing cultural landscape. Works by Stanley Spencer, David Hockney and Barbara Hepworth capture the diversity of British art and question our national identity at a pivotal moment in history. Ferens…

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TIPS • ADVICE • IDEAS SHARE YOUR ART Our Portfolio Plus service is a great way for you to reach a whole new audience Did you know Artists & Illustrators has an exciting online community of more than 18,800 readers who currently share their art? What’s more, for as little as the price of a coffee, you can join our Portfolio Plus scheme and sell your artwork commission-free to more than 100,000 monthly visitors to the site. “I was really pleased to make a sale within two months of putting my first work on the site,” said Portfolio Plus member David Jessup. “Since then I have had several more sales, but, more importantly, I have received four really good commissions as a result of this exposure.” Follow the six easy steps opposite and sign up for…

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yellow ochre

THE COLOUR A warm mustard brown that is one of the oldest pigments known to mankind. THE PROPERTIES Made from natural iron oxides, this semi-opaque earth pigment is a cooler alternative to Quinacridone Gold or a warmer, browner option when compared with Yellow Oxide. THE USES Vermeer is one of many portrait painters who made extensive use of yellow ochre for flesh colours. Mix with white and a touch of Alizarin Crimson for great results. It is also useful for muting sky blues near the horizon or mixing to create early autumnal greens.…