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Artists & Illustrators November 2017

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sometimes it’s the simple things

As a child of the ’80s, any mention of the Moomins unleashes a wave of nostalgia. The stop-motion TV series made in the late ’70s and early ’80s was a staple, bringing the fairy tale world of these eccentric, philosophical, but always kindly, characters into the living room. Moominvalley was calm, thoughtful and altogether more beautiful than anything else aimed at young folk during that gawdy decade and, frankly, a welcome respite for a quiet, bookish girl. What I never thought about was who created this magical world and why. The answer is Finnish artist Tove Jansson. And I only wish I’d discovered her fascinating life sooner. There is so much more to Tove than her famous creations: her ambition was to be a painter, something we can all relate…

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your letters

HOW TO BRIGHTEN A RAINY DAY On a wet day in a rented house in the Highlands of Scotland I decided to do this project from 2016’s June edition (issue 365). Before I left home, along with my paints, I grabbed a pile of Artists & Illustrators back issues and was lucky enough to find this lovely watercolour by Fábio Cembranelli. I spent most of the day trying to copy it and had so much fun! I learned a lot and would like to share this with fellow readers. I love the magazine and it is sending me happily into my 81st year. I look forward to each month’s publication. Pat Hood, via email EXPLORING A GREY AREA I have been a keen artist for more than 20 years, mainly producing landscapes and still-life…

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social scene

Portrait Painting: How to Paint the Mouth in Watercolour Geraldine Walter Great timing. I was getting nowhere near a likeness, no matter how many times I checked reference photos… Aine Divine’s tips helped me so much. Thank you. Daily art challenge: Use a pencil drawing as the basis for a looser pen-and-wash painting Sue Petty Love the tip re using string. Thank you. Let us know what you think of Artists & Illustrators magazine and share your painting projects with us at the contacts below... @AandImagazine ArtistsAndIllustrators AandImagazine AandImagazine…

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9 artistic things to do in november

1 LYNN PAINTER-STAINERS PRIZE OPEN FOR ENTRIES Have you produced an artwork you’re proud of? If so, it’s well worth entering this prestigious competition, which is one of the UK’s leading prizes for representational and figurative art – work that seeks to capture the real world. With a prize fund of £30,000 and this year judged by artists as illustrious as Ken Howard and Daphne Todd, being selected would be an impressive feather in any painter’s cap. You have until 6 December 2017 to enter up to four artworks online. 2 VISIT ING Discerning Eye Exhibition Catch the show of small works from 16 to 26 November at Mall Galleries, London, which features publicly selected artworks, as well as work by personally invited artists, all of which have been selected by six prominent…

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LONDON Cézanne Portraits 26 October 2017 to 11 February 2018 More than 50 of the artist’s beautiful portraits track his changes in style. National Portrait Gallery. Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen Until 21 January 2018 Little-known production designs by the well-known political cartoonist. House of Illustration. Harry Potter: A History of Magic 20 October 2017 to 28 February 2018 To mark the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first book, see drawings by JK Rowling and illustrator Jim Kay alongside artefacts and drafts. The British Library. Matisse in the Studio Until 12 November 2017 See paintings, drawings and sculptures displayed alongside the objects that inspired them. Royal Academy of Arts. Modigliani 23 November 2017 to 2 April 2018 The most comprehensive exhibition of work seen in the UK to date from the artist who helped…

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fresh paint

ANTHONY GARRATT This painting, like the career of the self-taught painter who created it, is the product of an evolution. Inspired by a flooded Sussex river, Floodplain is in fact three paintings that all neared completion before being worked over, leaving only “little reference points” of earlier incarnations peeking out. “I wanted the final piece to have the surface interest of a piece of ceramic, with cracked glazes, colours and textures that sit together,” says Anthony. He’s an artist who has been exploring his style with a similarly hands-on, trial-and-error practice and, although he’s been painting full-time for eight years, still considers his creative journey to be in its infancy. “My style is continually evolving and I don’t think I’ve ever planned to paint in a particular way,” he says. “My current…