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Cross Country 154 July - August 2014

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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Since last issue I have flown with griffon vultures in Spain, following them along their high rocky cliffs before landing in a field by the light of the full moon; I have chased specks of dust across the sky hoping they would lead me to a thermal on a high pressure, do nothing day in England; I have ‘flown when we shouldn’t really’ launching from a Swiss alp and landing in the middle of an alpine town to be applauded (quite unnecessarily I felt) by tourists on touch down; and I have thermalled, flown and then soared until sunset on the longest day of the year. And I don’t feel like I’ve done any flying at all. This game is almost preposterous at times. Make your own list of what…

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in the core

DAVE TURNER: SOLO EAGLE It has been an amazing season so far with record flights and big days across the world of free flight. One pilot who has taken full advantage is California’s Dave Turner. A solo big wall climber turned paraglider pilot – he learnt to fly in 2010 and promptly left Yosemite where he’d lived for years because flying is banned – Dave’s season started in mid-April when he hiked out of his back door down on the Pacific coast and up into the Sierra Nevada. He spent the next month hiking and flying solo 500km along the chain. “Flying the Sierra Nevada is always 10m/s climbs, 6,000m base and very remote” he told us. “At one point I had to pack eight days of supplies into my vol…

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speed riding green land

Sometimes you just have to grab it while you can. Paraglider pilots and adventure travellers Ali Guthrie and Anto Baird were in East Greenland in April and managed to get in a speed riding run above the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit. “The trip was essentially a man-hauling trip – that’s pulling a sledge, camping and skiing ” said Anto. “Our route took us along the Liverpool Land peninsula in Greenland, but the idea was that it would be a relaxed schedule with plenty of opportunities to play.” With that in mind they packed ski-touring gear, kites and a speed wing. “However, the weather gods didn’t want to play and we were faced with a couple of days of airstrip closures. We also had a chilly first week (-30C at night and in…

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rise up

AirDesign have released their new EN B Rise II. The “agile, high-performance intermediate” glider is aimed squarely at XC pilots and is not meant as a first wing for those stepping straight out of school. A “good choice” for pilots looking to step down a category AD say performance was the priority for this wing which they say has “superlative” glide. It even has C-riser steering balls, more usually seen on higher-category wings. The M size is certified EN B, with four more to follow. www.ad-gliders.com…

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in brief

Sup’Air safety notice Sup’Air have issued a safety warning concerning a possible manufacturing defect in the reserve parachute handles on the following harnesses: Skypper, Evo XC2, Evo XC3, Shamane, Shamane FR, Vamp, Profeel, Acro 3, Acro Base. Details on how to check your harness are on their website. www.supair.com XCertina IV We have updated our classic XCertina bag. The mark IV version features a larger sock for encasing the leading edge, a riser pocket, a two-way zipper and a compression strap. It’s available in two sizes: small (2.5m) will suit XS, EN D and acro wings; large (3m) is for everything else. www.xcshop.com Analogue maps Cloudbase have published a map of flying sites in the Alps, featuring more than 1,000 paragliding and hang gliding sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, France and Slovenia. The East and…

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u-turn’s thriller x4

U-Turn’s new Thriller X4 is a “very dynamic” acro wing for top-level acro pilots. U-Turn say it’s excellent for tricky manoeuvres and transitions. Calm vertical spin characteristics make it easier to heli, and Pressure Balance Valves (PBV) in the topsail and cross-ventilation ports help keep the wing pressurised whatever its aspect. U-Turn promise quality materials, double-reinforced stitching, reinforcement elements on all line-attachment points and V-ribs. Available in 16, 17, 18, 22 and 24.5m2. www.u-turn.de…