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Cross Country April 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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m6 mantra

The results speak for themselves. The M6 is the result of our desire to build the ultimate 3-liner for experienced XC/competition pilots who enjoy the comfort, safety and performance of “classic” EN D gliders. It is an evolution of the LM5, the wing which swept the top 5 spots of the 2013 X-Alps Race. Over the course of our testing and development, we have taken the 3-line concept to its absolute maximum, incorporating the best design elements of the LM5 whilst increasing the number of cells, modifying the planform and optimising the line plan. The M6 has the extra performance that was not possible with the LM5 due to the serious weight restrictions demanded by the X-Alps. Fully optimised for comfortable performance flying and featuring Ozone SharkNose technology, the M6…

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you’ve got wings

Thank you to all those who emailed, or mentioned in person, that they liked the bigger-and-better Cross Country. “You hit it out of the ball park!” was one of the comments that really stood out. It’s always good getting feedback, it’s even better getting such positive feedback. With our new 10 issues a year we’ll be able to offer more, more often: we’re on a monthly roll now until November, so keep an eye out for us in the mail, print or electronic. In January I had the pleasure and the privilege to report from the Paragliding World Championships in Roldanillo, Colombia. We’d been invited out by the organisers to run their ‘event media’. What this meant in reality was we got to take a lot of photos, get up close…

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Christophe Blanc-Gras, 44, got into paragliding in 1987 and became an instructor and tandem pilot. A pro pilot who flies filmmakers for Timelines Productions, he lives near Chamonix. Best claim to fame? “In 2001 my brother and I were the first to BASE jump 6,122m Huandoy in Peru!” See p84. Joanna Di Grigoli from Venezuela is well known on the paragliding comp scene where she’s been competing for a decade. She kicks off our new occasional series, ‘Letter from...’ on p62 with a fun blast round the Alps. She also interviewed Colombia’s Julian Carreno for our Naked Pilot series on p40. Stein Gjosund from Norway started flying aged 17 in 1974 on the Oregon dunes, “On a homebuilt plastic sail Rogallo”. His favourite glider? “It’s a tie between my present T2C and…

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sirocco see the light

The Sirocco concept is one of the most exciting new developments in powered paraglider technology. This new wing is the first of its kind; a lightweight and low-bulk design for pilots who seek the ultimate in ease of use on the ground and agility in the air, with the speed and stability of a fully reflexed profile. With more than a decade of ultralight paraglider R&D behind it, the Sirocco’s ease of launch and unique flight characteristics make it a game-changer in the PPG world. • The best launch characteristics of any PPG wing in its class • Totally new concept in PPG • Superb handling and agility • Lightweight, low-bulk, highly portable • High top speed, high ease of use Costa Brava, Spain - Photo: Emilia Plak…

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team germany

Switzerland may have the Maurer brothers, France the strength of numbers and an elite training regime, but it was Germany that walked away with the Team Gold at the Paragliding World Championships in Roldanillo. Current European Champion Torsten Siegel, Marc Wensaur, Ulrich Prinz, Pepe Malecki and Yvonne Dathe proved that in this game, experience still pays – along with dedication, determination and perseverance. A “collection of individuals who know what they have to do” in Torsten’s words, the team were guided to gold by team leader Harry Buntz, who looked ecstatic on the podium. Torsten Siegel was third overall, completing a great season for him, while Uli Prinz was Top 10 in eighth, just ahead of teammate Marc Wensaur in ninth. Martin Petz was in 29th (and a nonscoring member…

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forbes delivers

Zac Majors won the famous Forbes Flatlands in January, with Australia’s Jonny Durand and Britain’s Gordon Rigg in second and third. Zac’s win came after a week of brilliant flying that saw 1,017.8km flown over six tasks. “An average of 35 pilots made goal each day” organiser Vicki Cain said. Jonny’s second place gave him the title of Australian National Champion 2015, as Zac is from the USA. The competition saw some classic skies and some very fast times. Gordon Rigg reckoned Task 3 “may have been the fastest task ever” as Jonny Durand completed the 197km task at an average speed of 75km/h. “The task should have been much longer” Gordon said, as pilots landed while streets set up to the horizon. Tasks have been set beyond 300km in…