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Cross Country April 2016

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the neverending journey

What makes a good flight? Is it flying further than you’ve flown before? Flying a new site? Flying an old one with new friends, or a new one with old friends? Is it heading off alone through the wilderness, or is it soaring the beach and waving at the people below? All of these and more can be the answer, and for me that is what makes our sports so challenging, interesting and engaging. If we get bored of chasing personal bests we can go climb a mountain and fly off. If you’ve had enough dust in the flatlands you can take a trip and fly the alpine pastures and high glaciers of the mountains. Fed up driving to distant launches? A paramotor opens a whole new world from your backyard.…

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Ueli Neuenschwander and Thomas Rüesch last cropped up in the magazine when they wrote about their adventure through the Altiplano in Peru and Bolivia in XC162 (Aug 2015). That trip went so well they headed off again – this time they went east, to the wild Pamir. See their article on p98. Olivier Peyre (left) is the round-the-world cyclist featured on the cover and later in the magazine. ‘How is it now you are back home?’ we asked shortly after his return. ‘Oh, you know, I am fixing my dad’s computer, things like that.’ Coming back can be such a bump! Read about his adventure on p80. Karen Skinner is one of our regular paramotoring contributors. She and her husband Jason Whitehead are always travelling from their base in Spain. For this…

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team new zealand

New Zealand has had an amazing season, with XC records tumbling in the Southern Alps and a brilliant national paragliding open that saw 32 pilots fly a record-breaking 214.12km task. Christmas Day saw X-Alper Nick Neynens and hang glider pilot John Smith both in the air for 200km, the first in NZ history. Both set national records, with John flying 202km. Nick was back 10 days later. As part of a longer vol-biv adventure he “demolished” his own and previous records with a 235km flight through high mountain terrain that took him from Sugarloaf to “well north” of Mount Cook. “I was in the air for 9hr 35mins and I landed at 9pm” he said. No final glide either: instead, a bank of cloud stopped him short and he elected to land…

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super stefan wyss wins superfinal ‘15

Switzerland’s Stefan Wyss won the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal in Mexico in January. The world’s highest calibre paragliding competition series topped a good 2015 season with some great racing in the famous and beautiful Valle de Bravo. Stefan won by a mile – dominating the competition and winning four of the eight tasks. It was the fifth time the Swiss pilot had competed in Valle and he marked this win down as “very special” In the women’s competition, Seiko Fukuoka Naville capped an amazing year by winning the women’s title. She added Superfinal Champion to her 12-month swagbag of achievements, which include Women’s Paragliding World Champion and the women’s open distance paragliding world record. The competition saw 116 pilots in Valle de Bravo for the comp. Often billed as the most consistent place…

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zippy pt

Independence’s Zippy PT is an EN/LTF-A certified beginners’ paraglider with zip-operated ‘performance trims’ on its top surface. With the trims activated, Independence say the stability of the Zippy PT is increased and its glide ratio reduced by up to 2.5 points, the sink rate increasing by around 0.4m/s. The idea is that as a student progresses, the trims can be de-activated and the Zippy PT becomes a high-end beginners’ paraglider with “excellent performance”. It is certified in four sizes for 55-130kg, and also available in a paramotor edition with a wider speed range. independence.aero…

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spiruline gt2

A small and compact wing with sharp, precise handling and a fast trim speed, Little Cloud say the Spiruline GT2 excels at into-wind glides and small thermals, thanks to its short lines and small turn radius. Long brake travel and a well-pressured sail are safety pluses. Its aspect ratio is slightly up on the GT (4.7 vs 4.5) and line consumption is lower. It’s made from Dominico’s nicely durable 35g Dokdo cloth, and weighs 3.4-3.9kg. The three sizes (20m , 22m and 24m each have an optimum, extended and a paramotor weight range. It’s load tested only, but LC suggest the GT2 is the equivalent of a low EN B in the optimum range, though of course the more you load it, the faster it will fly and the sharper…