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Cross Country August 2015

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the numbers game

“ tell you what, I’ll do a Go-To and we’ll see, shall we?” Let’s do that, I agreed, sitting back in my chair, nursing my well-earned beer in the sunshine while my new buddy tapped at his machine. “Ninety-eight-point-seven!” Damn! One-point-three short of a hundred! “That’s straight-line mind, so it’ll be more with a couple of turnpoints” And indeed it was, around one-oh-eight, which was great. This is not the first time I have compared numbers over a beer. Learning to fly XC in Manilla I would regularly share bar space with a Japanese pilot we all knew as Tami-San. He was a sushi chef in Japan, but had committed to staying in Australia until he had broken the record for ‘longest paraglider flight by a Japanese person anywhere even if it’s not it Japan’.…

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Jérôme Maupoint should need no introduction – he’s one of the most prolific photographers in paragliding. A regular in Cross Country for years he’s also GIN’s in-house photographer. He lives in Annecy, France and loves exploring. His latest Big Trip took him to the very top of Scotland. See p68. Eliot Nochez had the perfect view during the Green Twins’ world record altitude attempt over Mont Blanc in April. The French acro champion and speedrider extroadinaire was in the passenger seat as Ant Green powered to 5,066m. Despite freezing hands, Eliot stayed cool and got the shots. See p78 Sophie Tudor jumped at the chance to support the Cross Country team during the recent Bornes to Fly. Her write-up and photos grace the article, starting p94. Known for her love of espresso,…

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winging it in the alps

As this magazine hits doormats and in-boxes around the world, we should all be in the grip of the Red Bull X-Alps. Following the Live Tracking and rooting for our guy or girl makes for great online viewing. Advance fans will have one extra thing to purr about this year. After a few years away, Advance are back in the game with their new Omega X-Alps. Chrigel Maurer and Seb Huber will both be flying them. Weighing only 3.15kg Advance promise “exceptionally high” top speed, with 20km/h available on the speedbar. The glider has been conceived from the ground up “for fully accelerated flight” say Advance. “This is a characteristic that Chrigel in particular likes to have” they say. “He always flies fast and at high average speeds” In April Chrigel flew…

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barney townsend tops british open

Barney Townsend won the British Paramotor Open in June, flying to the top despite some typically British summer weather which had pilots dodging rain and sitting out the wind. Held on Mersea Island in the south of England and hosted by Alex Anderson and Footflight Paramotors the competition was designed to attract new pilots, with a special ‘Discovery Group’ class run alongside the main comp. Former World Champion Michel Carnet came up with the idea, aiming to encourage new blood after a few years of declining numbers in UK competition. Tasks and sessions were arranged with this in mind, with more experienced pilots providing advice on how to prepare for and then complete the tasks. The weather did play ball enough to allow pilots from the UK, France and Belgium to…

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in brief

Simon Oberrauner wins Bordairline Nova Juniors pilot, 23-year-old Simon Oberrauner (AT) won the Kössen Bordairline hike-and-fly race on 30-31 May 2015, ahead of former X-Alps participants Lars Budack and Andy Frötscher. Dreaming Awake Dave Aldrich’s web series about hang gliding was made because “I want to see hang gliding documented the way I see it in my head and feel it in the air.” dreamingawake.tv Paragliding Tees Sky Junkies illustrator, Fly Piedrahita’s Steve Ham, is designing a range of comic T-shirts, a throwback to the well-loved ‘90s PWC shirts. They will be available at flypiedrahita.com BiGolden3 Gradient’s BiGolden3 42 has been recertified for a wider weight range of 120-220kg. gradient.cx Skyrunner frame Skyrunner’s latest polished steel paramotor frame can take fixed or flex bars, and the 137cm cage breaks down into two sections. It weighs 5kg and comes with a 12…

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x-alps 2015 gear roundup

ADVANCE Thrice winner Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber will be flying the Omega X-Alps in the 2015 comp. Designed to be flown fast in any conditions, it weighs 3.15kg and is certified EN D. The Lightness 2 X-Alps is a radically lightened Lightness 2 harness, made largely from paraglider cloth. It has no adjustment straps and weighs just 0.89kg. Tailor-made for Chrigel and Sebastian, it’s a radical X-Alps-only design and not for sale. advance.ch GRADIENT Gradient’s X-Alps pilots will by flying the newly released Avax XC5. Designed specifically for such events, it is a lightweight performance wing, certified EN D in 24 and 26m2 sizes (28 to follow). Gradient say it has typical Gradient handling, with predictable behaviour and comfort. The 24m2 size weighs 3.55Kg. Gradient are also developing a special lightweight rucksack for the…