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Cross Country August 2017

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Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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the tug of angels

The thing that I remember most about throwing my reserve was what an excellent piloting decision it was. Throwing the parachute truly made my day. It was some years ago and I had lost control of the glider after a large side collapse, had twists, and was in auto-rotation, exiting into a strong spiral. As I looked down I thought: “I’ve lost this. If I keep flying and get another collapse I’ll be spiralling into the deck – there. Horacio [Llorens] says if you are below 200m, throw. He knows. The most common cause of serious injury is a side collapse followed by hitting the ground. This is that gnarly spot where ‘everyone’ gets trashed. Throw.” Obviously that all flashed through in a millisecond. Throwing it – you have to really chuck…

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Dan Dupuis is a wingsuit pilot, coach and photographer on a ‘lifelong vacation’, He works at Lightning Flight, a wingsuit school at Skydive Perris in Southern California, one of the best dropzones in the world. He shot the amazing photos for Flare, p100. Find him at ddupuis.com Randi Eriksen works with test pilot Alain Zoller at Air Turquoise in Switzerland. Together they have tested over 1,000 paragliders as well as hundreds of harnesses, miniwings, kite systems and reserves too. She helped Matt Warren understand how reserves are tested, and how to choose yours. See p52 Antares Hazleton was born on a sailing boat on a round-the-world voyage and has been travelling ever since. He discovered paragliding aged 17 in Thailand in 2001 and was immediately hooked. Now 31 he made a six-month…

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in the core

Jouni Makkonen Jouni broke two Finnish records on one extraordinary day at the end of May. He set out to fly a declared goal of 218.3km, and got on so well he carried on to smash through the 300km mark and set a new Finnish open distance record at 314.4km. He was flying his Enzo 2 and was in the air for seven hours, down-winding from north to south across a big chunk of the country. www.goo.gl/1hqRh5 Thomas Walder Thomas had a most spectacular couple of days in succession in May. Launching from Zillertal in Austria on Sunday 28 May he flew a 295.73km FAI triangle over 11 hours, flying a Skywalk Poison X-Alps. Clearly not finished, he went even bigger the next day, with a 324.05 km FAI Triangle. For that flight…

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switzerland’s magic day in may

Oh to be in Switzerland in Springtime. Michael Müller, one of the nation’s top XC pilots for a long time, came within a whisker of completing the country’s first 300km FAI triangle on 28 May, something XC hounds have been chasing for a few years now. Müller managed to get the national record anyway, flying a 292.88km FAI triangle. Amazingly, he was on an EN-B wing, the new Mentor 5 from Nova. His flight lasted him 11 hours at an average speed of 26.95km/h. He launched from Motta Baluns in the Engadine, set his first turnpoint at the famous ski resort of St Moritz, his second near Mattstock near Amden, then flew east to the Kauner Valley in Austria. He ran out of air at Ramsoch, a few kilometres from where he’d…

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The Tensing is Independence’s new single-skinner. Designed for the mountains it’s made from robust Dominico D20 fabric and has sheathed lower lines and conventional 15mm risers, making it more resilient to harsh use, for a small weight penalty. It comes in at 1.9kg, 2.1kg and 2.3kg in the three sizes (17m², 20m² and 23m²) which are all EN-B certified (for 65-90kg, 70-100kg and 90-120kg). Independence say the Tensing is very easy to launch in all conditions, and is fast, agile and stable. independence.aero…

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gin bolero 6

The Bolero 6 is Gin’s new entry-level wing. They say it’s ideal for schools and for more experienced pilots looking for a relaxing wing. The Bolero 6 features the second generation of Gin’s EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) – their method of calculating the best possible aerofoil parameters for any given profile. They say the wing has long, progressive brake travel and a slow stall speed, plus improved take-off behaviour, stability and handling. The Bolero 6 is Certified EN A in six sizes from XXS (55-80kg) to XL (105-135kg) and is available to order now. gingliders.com…