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Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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we dream of wings

Welcome to Cross Country 200! The first issue of Cross Country was published in spring 1988: 24 black and white pages with a colour cover. It was an international hang gliding competition newsletter, packed full of comp reports and results from around the world. There was one small image of a 16-cell paraglider in there, alongside an explanation of what it was. A postage stamp photo of an early paramotor explained the concept of powered paragliding too. Ambitiously, it was published simultaneously in English, French and Japanese. In 1988 Ronald Reagan was president, Nelson Mandela was in prison, Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles and Guns N’ Roses were in the charts with Sweet Child O’ Mine. The world’s population had just passed 5bn (it’s 7.7bn today), no one had…

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Malcolm Wood is the driving force behind The Last Glaciers project. He has just been made UN Environment’s newest “Mountain Hero”, joining other well known mountain athletes including pilot and climber Will Gadd. Find out what he and his team including Cody Tuttle have been up to, p54 Katya Golovina is from Russisa and has been travelling the world for a decade, since 2013 with her wing. A journalist and overland tour leader South America has become her second home. Her PG club Cerro Arco is in Mendoza, Argentina, which is where she interviewed Gabriel Mazur, see p68 Adi Geisegger discovered the mountains and photography when he was 10 and made his first aerial photos “with the help of an elaborate kite.” He went on to train as a photographer, discovered paragliding…

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A cover image has to tell a story. And it has to capture a moment, however fleeting, of adventure or emotion. Over the more than 30 years that Cross Country has been published, photography has changed beyond all recognition. The Kodak moment is now the Instagram sensation and your image can go around the world in a flash. But there is still something about getting a cover. “This is a major milestone in my life!” a pilot messaged us when we sent him a picture of the issue with his photo on a recent cover, and we don’t think he was entirely joking. Jérôme Maupoint has had numerous covers in Cross Country and other free-flight magazines around the world. “A cover has to surprise, inspire and make the reader dream of…

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in the core

300k days Jonas Miklovis (LT) flew 307.67km (OLC) NE to SW across the Lithuanian and Polish flatlands on 15 April. Launching from tow it was Jonas’s third flying day in a row. “We knew warm air was coming, so we started early to try to reach the area in Poland where the magic was predicted to be,” he reported afterwards. The agricultural region of Suwalki in Poland is “perfect for XC-hungry pilots” with lots of hills and busy farms. “It turned out very well!” Jonas was flying a Gin Boomerang 9 and was in the air 7:30hrs. Two days earlier Guido Prestigiovanni (FR) had taken advantage of the same NE airflow to fly across the French flatlands from close to Reims to almost the very centre of France in Chateauroux. Flying…

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jacó air fest sees success

The Jacó Air Fest in February proved what we all know – that when pilots roll in, they bring their dollars with them! “We attracted pilots from across the world, and more than 4,000 spectators over the weekend,” organisers said after conducting a post-festival survey aimed at measuring the impact of the festival. “Visitors spent $200-$500 each, while international visitors spent on average eight days in hotels in the area.” The Jacó Air Fest was the first free-flight festival held in the small coastal region of Garabito, a region better known for its surf beaches and tropical Pacific coast than air sports. Held over a long weekend from 8-10 February the festival was held in a seven-hectare “activity zone” and was designed to appeal to the public and tourists as much as…

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x-alps machines

Skywalk X-Alps 4 Skywalk had the winning glider in 2017, and this is “a brand new version” of that wing. It’s a three-liner with an aspect ratio of 6.99 and comes in three sizes, weight 3.5kg-3.9kg. Skywalk sponsor the X-Alps, so expect to see this glider in a lot of the official photos. But will it win again? Who’s flying it? Guschlbauer, Oberrauner, Grossrubatscher, Keller, Anders Can you buy it? Yes, released mid-April 2019 skywalk.info Advance Omega XAlps 3 New this year and designed for this comp, the Omega XAlps 3 is an EN-D two-liner. Reigning champion and five-times winner Chrigel Maurer flew Skywalk last year, but is back with Advance and will be defending his title on this. Who’s flying it? Maurer, Von Känel, Coconea, Durogati Can you buy it? Yes, serial model expected later this…