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Cross Country February - March 2017

Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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eyes on the horizon

A few years ago, at the Coupe Icare, there were a couple of pilots sleeping outside on the balcony of our tiny apartment. They were in sleeping bags and under blankets, getting wet from the rain as it pattered down. One of the pilots was Benjamin Jordan, an earnest and straightforward young filmmaker and photographer from Canada. He had recently flown 10,000km across his home country by paramotor, setting a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest ‘paamotor migration’ in the process. Along the way he had dropped down into schools, landed in their playgrounds and given inspirational talks. He’d self-published a book and made a film, too. Skip forward five or six years and Ben has moved from paramotoring to free-flying, and last year completed an incredible, 39-day solo vol-biv across…

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Benjamin Jordan is a Canadian pilot and filmmaker. Known for A Canadian Dream, where he paramotored 10,000km across Canada, and The Boy Who Flies, where he introduced paragliding to Malawi, his latest adventure saw him vol-biv 1,000km across British Columbia. See p64 Thomas Schwarzer, 39, is a new dad with one foot in Europe and one in South America. His own father is German, but he was born in Venezuela. He now divides his time between Belgium and Peru. A photographer and adventure tourism fixer, he’s the guy to call next time you’re in Lima. See p84 Joanna Di Grigoli manages Cross Country en Español and hit the news in Quixadá this season for paragliding 400k+, only the second woman to do so. Earlier in the year she was exploring Inner Mongolia…

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in the core

XContest celebrates 10 years XContest celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2017. Congratulations to Jakub Havel (analysis, development and web programming) and Petr Chromec (server admin and programming) plus their two new colleagues, Ondřej Palkovský and Jaroslav Baláš for bringing us so much fun and providing a brilliant service. A video currently on the XContest website features some well-known pilots from around the world offering their congratulations. Chrigel Maurer, Aaron Durogati, Renáta Kuhnová and Godfrey Wenness are some of those who deliver the big thumbs-up. “I use it every day … it makes me motivated to push the limit,” said Maurer. How far we’ve come In 2007 when the service was launched – mission statement: “To provide pilots with the simplest cross country contest possible” –some 1,670 PG pilots and 79 HG pilots posted…

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storming it 1,000km in spain

Victor Rodriguez covered 1,000km in four days in November last year, travelling across Spain from north to south. The 28-year-old pilot was raising awareness of the refugee crisis. Victor, this was a huge journey – and you flew it very fast It was always an ambitious dream – to cross the Iberian Peninsula from Gijón to Almeria, NW to SE. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it became more of a personal challenge as the days went on. I’m a firefighter, and we do a lot of work helping those who need it most through a campaign called Fire in Action. So it was really part of that. Tell us about the start It was an adventure from the beginning, leaving from the centre of a city surrounded by TV cameras…

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klimber p

Niviuk have released the Klimber P, the wing Gavin McClurg used for his Alaska traverse. It’s Niviuk’s first lightweight, high-performance EN-D wing, and it’s for expert pilots looking for top performance in a lightweight package for hike-and-fly and vol-bivouac. The Klimber P has an aspect ratio of 7 and a top speed of nearly 60km/h. The 22m² size weighs just 3.4kg and packs down very small – Niviuk say it’s the perfect compromise between maximum performance and minimal weight and volume. The 22 is certified for 70-90kg; a 24m (85-110kg) version will follow. niviuk.com…

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apco karisma

Apco have launched their new school wing, the EN-A Karisma. They say it is easy to teach on and a joy to fly. It was designed to inspire confidence in new pilots, and allow them to progress to the next level of the sport. They say it’s easy to launch and land and very stall-resistant. It has a sharknose profile with “a new leading-edge construction method”. The company are well known for their durable cloths, and the Karisma continues the trend – durable, but also light, they say. The S, M and L sizes are certified EN A, and the XS and XL will follow. apcoaviation.com…