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Cross Country is the world’s leading voice for hang gliding, paragliding and paramotoring pilots. Ten times a year, our magazine content reflects our obsession with flying, and we express it by packing each issue with the most imaginative, inspirational photography and writing we can lay our hands on.

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The grass came up to meet me and I stepped lightly out of the sky and down onto it, back into the world. Landed! “Always land wanting more” was advice I was once given. It makes a lot of sense. A bit like knowing when to leave a party, if you land and you want more it means you’ve had a good flight. If you land wanting less, well, we’ve all been there I’m sure. This issue we’ve got a bit of all of that. Jérôme Maupoint has been in Skye where he spent a brilliant two weeks exploring this rugged, mountainous island for little-used take-offs and adventurous flying. Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens, the Search Project pilots, have been on a five-star expedition down to the South Pacific, where…

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in the core

Hello spring! A little bit of spring arrived early in Europe with close to a thousand pilots logging XC flights on XContest a week before February was even done. February 23 saw 938 pilots flying XC, with lots shaking off the winter layoff in southern Switzerland and in Italy around Bassano. A small gaggle of pilots managed 130km open distance – Christian Biasi, Seb Benz, Vinicio Guglielmi and Dominik Dusek – while a couple of others clocked up early season 100km triangles – Peter Vyparina in Bassano and Christian Thio in Mornera, Switzerland. Booming thermals Spring really kicked in at the end of March though. The weekend of 29/30 March saw over 2,800 XC flights logged on XContest. That’s got to be a record weekend. Italy was again a good place to be,…

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‘repurpose with a purpose’

Recycle your old paraglider to be made into a bag? For charity? That is the latest scheme of the Cloudbase Foundation, the pilot-run charity that aims to “help the communities where we fly” “We have teamed up with Keen footwear to ‘repurpose with a purpose ” says Nick Greece, “and are looking for used wings that can be sewn into bags. The bags are then sold at festivals across the USA, with all money going to the Cloudbase Foundation projects ” Nick, who contributes to Cross Country as well as editing the US national association magazine, says it’s a “win win” for everyone. “It keeps nylon out of landfill, helps communities in need and raises awareness about what we do in the places we do it ” Set up by hang glider pilots…

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what a view

S and M sizes of Apco’s latest EN B sports class wing, the Vista III, are now in production. Apco say the Vista III is one of the best performers in its class. A true three-liner it uses their drag-reducing bullet risers, hybrid lines and low-drag embedded line-attachment points. Apco say the Vista III is easy to fly and has extremely good passive safety, even on bar, and claim “probably the best handling around”. It’s built from Apco’s durable cloth – made to last. XS and L sizes to follow. www.apcoaviation.com…

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advance orders

Advance have gone for “Less aspect ratio and weight, more performance and precision” with their Sigma 9. While it has the lowest aspect ratio of its class (5.8), they say it has great performance, and its compactness and stability make for “an exceptionally comfortable ride and reassuring feeling, especially while accelerated in turbulent air”. Advance say it’s straightforward to launch and precise to fly, but don’t be misled – it is still intended for experienced cross country pilots. EN C, it will be available in four sizes and four colours from June. www.advance.ch…

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in brief

New blood at Nova Philipp Medicus has taken over from Hannes Papesh as Nova’s head of design. A mechanical engineering graduate, Philipp has been Nova’s test pilot for the last five years. he took on the new job on 1 March. www.nova-wings.com Annecy landing field If you’re heading to Annecy take note that the landing field below Planfait has been made bigger, but is still “very sensitive”. There are very strict no-fly zones that pilots must respect – most importantly a house. The club’s Benedicte Saury says, “Please note the forbidden zone in red on the map. If you fly above this house there will not be a landing field any more soon. Please stay at least 20m away from the house and swimming pool.” www.leschamoisvolants.free.fr Lucky number seven Triple-Seven are looking for pilots to join their…