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Cross Country July 2015

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the game plan

It was Saturday night and I was watching the Eurovision Song Contest while reviewing some old articles. I came across an interview with Thomas Theurillat, Chrigel Maurer’s X-Alps supporter. “Find out what works for you, and focus on that” he says. “Analyse success”. Working with Chrigel in 2008 the pair identified a “unifying factor” in all his successes. “If he is not in the lead he doesn’t fly well because he tries to copy the pilot ahead” Once the pair had identified that strength it became “embedded in the game plan”. How do you identify your own strengths? Thomas gives pilots this game: write down five flights that you are proud of, and then ask what factors are the same in all those five flights? I did it. 1. My first 100km,…

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Jessica Bown is more used to writing about high finance than high adventures in her day job as a freelance personal finance journalist for the UK’s daily papers. Based in Courchevel, France she’s a regular tandem passenger and knows paragliding well – she wrote the Perfect Line article on p68. Karen and Jason Skinner are a well-known couple on the paramotoring scene, spending summers working and flying at home in Spain and winters travelling to new places to get in the air. Their latest trip saw them heading to the Canary Islands for a Seven Weeks, Seven Islands tour. See p76 Christina Ammon has flown in Nepal a lot over the years. Her latest trip saw her interviewing Susmita Sunuwar, wife of the famous Babu, at the couple’s home in the hills…

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karmaflights in nepal

Hats off to KarmaFlights, the Cloudbase Foundation and the paragliding community in Pokhara and around the world who reacted so amazingly following the earthquakes that hit Nepal on 25 April and again on 12 May. Pokhara, home to more than 20 tandem operations and numerous long-stay acro, tandem and travelling pilots, escaped the worst of the earthquakes that hit Nepal, which left at least 8,000 dead and 500,000 homeless. But pilots there mobilised their resources, including numerous 4-x-4 vehicles usually used for tandem operations, and headed into the mountains to remote villages to assess the damage, bring immediate relief and provide medical care. KarmaFlights, a local pilot-run charity that works on the ground in Pokhara, then mobilised pilots around the world in an online fundraising drive that collected $45,000 almost overnight and…

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beach blast powers back

After three years away Beach Blast came back with a bang in Panama City Beach in Florida. Held over a long weekend, 13-17 May, the fly-in attracted 150 pilots from 16 countries. And despite windy weather pilots, organisers and, crucially, authorities all had a good time. Organiser John Black started the event as a local fly-in several years ago, but it quickly expanded, attracting hundreds of pilots and becoming the number one beach fly-in anywhere in the world. A local air force base and a tradition of hosting biker rallies and Spring Break crowds meant noise wasn’t an issue for locals. However, it did need a bit of regulating. “Panama City Beach now requires pilots to have a licence and to show photo ID before they fly,” John said. “Plus we…

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icaro sitta

Icaro have announced a new mountain wing for hike-and-fly pilots, mountaineers and fans of lightweight kit. The Sitta is derived from the EN-A Aquila, with a simple line plan and “featherlight” canopy, Icaro say it offers super-easy take-off, great thermalling ability and excellent stability in flight. Its handling is precise and playful, so wingovers and loops are as much its thing as gentle morning descents. The Sitta is made from the new generation Porcher Skytex 32, and is scheduled for release in July. icaro-paragliders.com…